VALORANT Radianite Points: How to Get, Weapon Upgrades, Cost & More

VALORANT Radianite Points are not the in-game currency to be utilized by the game users in the Riot new FPS title as go through the guide below to know the purpose and steps on upgrading the Valorant weapons utilizing RPs.

VALORANT Radianite Points
VALORANT Radianite Points

VALORANT Radianite Points usually pop up while gaming so whereas VALORANT Points are not the only in-game currency form into the FPS title of Riots. What is the purpose of these points here, we will discuss these points and how to get the most value for your money with them?

VALORANT Points are as yet the principal currency that is utilized in FPS title (Riot’s). They can open you most of the stuff from beauty care products and levels on the Agent Contracts to the Premium Battle Passes.

However, in the event that the users have a couple of Radianite Points in the stock and were thinking about how to utilize them, then we will discuss the same in this article.

What does it mean by Radianite Points?

 Radianite Points (RPs) are an elective type of in-game money that the game players utilize in the Future Earth. Valiant Points (VPs) are utilized to purchase nearly anything from the game.

RPs are portrayed as being utilized to develop specific weapon skins and other substance types into the game. The users can not utilize this currency to purchase skins and the users can also not use the same to purchase Agents. So what exactly can the users buy from the points?

As said earlier the RP’s allow the users to use the same for upgrading their weapons. Such upgrades will not help the users to get their guns stronger yet they will add a few additional flairs to specific skins that the users purchase.

Therefore, from the animation of the weapons to the skin variations, RPs are the main method of developing the weapon skin. So how the users would procure the points?

How to get Radianite Points?

 The user can get the RPs by buying the same with the VPs or by unlocking the same with the battle pass. The cost of the purchasing the same with the VP’s are as under:

  • 20 RPs (Radianite Points) equal to the 1,600 VPs (Valorant Points) which will come around in actual currency as USD 15.
  • 40 RPs is equal to 2,800 VPs which will come around in actual currency as USD 25.
  • 80 RPs is equal to 4,800 VPs which will come around in actual currency as USD 45.

These are effectively realistic through the Battle Pass, using the agreements movement. Fight Pass levels 4 and 9 additionally offer 20 additional Radianite focuses upon its level completion.

Instructions to upgrade the Valorant weapons utilizing Radianite Points 

Whenever the users get the RPs, then they can upgrade to the explicit skins. Let’s discuss the same with the example of Prime Collection skins. The set which includes the Classic, Specter, Vandal, Guardian, and extraordinary Knife skin will provide 7,100 VPs which will be worth around USD 70.

The most common way of upgrading Valorant skins with RPs is really clear, yet follows the steps below:

  • Go to the Collection, and select the weapon which needs to be upgraded.
  • Select the required skin.
  • The option of skins will be available as a table on the right side to select the upgrades accessibly.
  • Purchase the updates utilizing the RPs.
  • The user is ready to play the game, and hotshot its extravagant new superficial.

The usual upgrades cost around 10 – 15 RPs, which is equivalents to around $5-$10 for every level. These updates may go from changing the shade of the skin to giving the game players a new reload, terminating, and finisher movement. The users can flex their opponents as these are really the amazing skins of VALORANT.