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US sent Israel-stored munitions to Ukraine

US sent Israel-stored munitions to Ukraine

US sent Israel-stored munitions to Ukraine

It was reported that the United States sent a munitions storage facility within Israel to Ukraine to be used to fight Russia The Starbulletin reported on Wednesday. The decision was taken last year, when Washington’s Middle East ally was under the leadership of a centrist prime minister.

The Israeli source confirmed the news to Starbulletin in a statement, stating that then-Prime Minister Yair Lapid had approved the transfer, even though the United States does not formally require this approval.

Although it has condemned the Russian invading of Ukraine, Israel has limited its assistance to Kyiv to aid for humanitarian needs and protective equipment but has not ruled out direct weapons supplies.

The Israelis would like to maintain an open hotline for coordination with Russia established in 2015, to discuss their military actions against suspected Iranian locations in Syria which is in the region where Moscow has an army. They are also concerned about the well-being of Russia’s large Jewish community.

The Israeli official was not aware what other U.S. arms transfers from Israel were anticipated under the Conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who took his post in December. 29 and in previous administrations was able to establish a personal relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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The U.S. The Embassy in Israel has not yet made a statement on this Starbulletin report. Ukrainian ambassador Yevgen Korniychuk, who is the Ukrainian ambassador to Israel, told us via phone that he had “no idea” whether the story was accurate. The Russian Embassy in Ukraine declined to make a statement.

Lapid, who was elected at the beginning of July, was particularly open in his support of Ukraine. However, a source who was familiar with the decision-making process of Lapid denied the possibility that it could have affected the U.S. arms transfer, declaring: “I believe – and I would like to believe that any Israeli premier would have supported the transfer.”

For a long time over the years, the Pentagon has stored weapons in Israel to be used as emergency resupplies to the nation during wartime or for transfer to the different U.S. allies.

US sent Israel-stored munitions to Ukraine

As per in the Starbulletin, the U.S. munitions moved from Israel to Ukraine included around 300,000 155-millimeter artillery shells, which Kyiv is making use of at a rapid rate.

Even though these items are covered in the hands of Israeli locks and keys “the Americans don’t need our permission to transport the items. They are American assets,” David Ivry, the former director general for the Israeli Defense Ministry and air force general.

By Helen E. Blake

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