US plane shoots down an object in Canada’s skies

US plane shoots down an object in Canada’s skies.

Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, stated Saturday that a U.S. fighter plane shot down an “unidentified” object that was high above the Yukon. This action came a day after similar actions by the U.S. over Alaska.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (the combined U.S. and Canadian organization that provides shared defense over airspace over both nations) saw the object fly at high altitude over Alaska on Friday evening, U.S officials reported. It entered Canadian airspace Saturday.

Trudeau stated on Twitter that he had ordered the destruction of an unidentified object which violated Canadian airspace.

He claimed that a U.S. F-22 manned by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (which is jointly operated by Canada and the United States) had brought down the object above the Yukon Territory. The Yukon Territory is Canada’s westernmost territory, and it is also one of the most sparsely populated areas.

After a conversation between Trudeau, President Joe Biden and Trudeau, the president authorized U.S. planes to shoot down the latest object. In a statement, Gen. Patrick Ryder (a Pentagon spokesperson) said that the object was downed by U.S. pilots.

After coordination, which included a discussion between Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Anita Anand (Canadian Minister of Defense), the object was destroyed Saturday using an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile. Ryder stated that this was after Ryder spoke with Ryder.

Ryder stated that Canadian authorities will conduct recovery operations to learn more about the object. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will collaborate closely.

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According to the White House, Saturday night’s statement stated that Biden was “continually briefed” by his national security team since the detection of the latest object.

The statement stated that President Biden and Prime Minster Trudeau approved the removal of the object “out of an abundance and caution, and at the recommendation their militaries,” They also discussed the importance of recovering it to find out more about its origin and purpose.

The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States stated Saturday night that it had shut down some Montana airspace to support Defense Department activities. Further questions were referred to NORAD. An FAA spokesperson said that the airspace was later opened again.

Canadian Forces will now analyze and recover the wreckage of this object,” Trudeau stated in a Twitter post. He also thanked NORAD for maintaining watch over North America.


F-22 fighter planes have destroyed three objects in the U.S.-Canada airspace over the past seven days. This is a remarkable development that raises questions about who sent them and what they are doing.

According to a U.S. official, the incursions of the past week have changed how analysts interpret data from sensors and radars. This partly addresses the key question of why so many objects recently surfaced.

Speaking on condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the matter, the official said that sensor equipment absorbs a lot data and that filters are used to make humans and machines understand what was collected. The official stated that this process can leave out important information.

“We basically opened filters,” the official said. It was similar to a buyer not checking boxes on a car website in order to expand the search parameters.

The official warned that this change doesn’t yet answer all the questions and whether looking at more data yields more hits or if it is part of a deliberate action by an adversary or unknown country.

US plane shoots down an object in Canada's skies

One of the objects that was brought down was thought to be a spy ball from China. However, the identities of the others were not known. Trudeau called Saturday’s object “unidentified”, but a NORAD spokesperson Maj. Olivier Gallant stated that the military had identified the object, but wouldn’t reveal more details.

Officials claim that the objects that were shot down in Alaska on Friday and in Canada Saturday are approximately the same size as a Volkswagen Beetle. Officials said that they were similar in size but slightly different in their profile.

Pilots flying over Canada had more time than Friday to observe the object, which left them with a variety of interpretations.

According to the official, the object was shot in remote and rugged terrain.

“All the objects are alike in some ways, but then drastically different in others.” The official stated that we are still not able to determine what technology is in the objects. The most capable technology is small and portable. The size of the device doesn’t necessarily tell us much.

Officials from the U.S. Military said that searches were continuing Saturday near Deadhorse, north Alaska, for the object that was shot down Friday and off the coast South Carolina for the Chinese surveillance aircraft suspected to have made a cross-country trip.

Officials could not say whether it was equipped with surveillance equipment or whereabouts. They also couldn’t give any details about its purpose. An American official stated that there were no “affirmative indications of military danger” to the people who were near the object at the time it was destroyed.

John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, stated that it was shot down as it flew at approximately 40,000 feet and posed “reasonable danger” to civilian flight safety. He did not know it was being monitored.

According to Defense officials, the remains of the craft were found in a mixture of snow and ice near Prudhoe Bay. This made it difficult for any attempt to recover it by boat.

Military personnel in helicopters, and an HC-130 search-and-rescue aircraft immediately started looking for parts.

Officials from the Defense Department said that troops with U.S. Northern Command were working with local law enforcement, the FBI, and Alaska National Guard units near Deadhorse to recover and determine its nature.

U.S. military officials stated that Arctic weather, including snow and wind chill, was a factor in Saturday’s downing of an object over Alaska.

The Pentagon released a statement regarding the Alaskan incident, saying that it had no additional information about the object.


U.S. officials downed a Chinese-suspecting surveillance balloon that was flying across the United States on Feb. 4. It was about the same size as three buses and was flying at an altitude of more than 60,000 feet. The balloon was first seen Jan. 28 off Alaska by the U.S. government.

Last weekend, the balloon that was launched fell into the Atlantic Ocean. It landed in shallow water of approximately 50 feet.

First detected by the Chinese near the Aleutian Islands, it was an airship. It traveled above Alaska, Canada and then appeared over the United States.

It was considered possible to shoot it down, but the administration temporarily stopped flights from Billings’ airport. Biden claims that his advisors convinced him to shoot down the craft in Montana because they were afraid of falling debris causing injury to civilians and property.

Sen. Jon Tester (D.-Mont.) stated that he didn’t want a “d*** balloon” flying over the United States. He could have taken it down over Aleutian Islands.

According to the Pentagon, the balloon was part of a larger surveillance program China has been carrying out for “several decades”. After closely watching the Chinese balloon that was shot down in South Carolina, the U.S. claims it has learned more about the program.

China replied that it had the right to “take additional actions” and criticised the U.S. “an obvious overreaction, and a serious violation international practice.”

The Navy continued to survey the area and recover debris off South Carolina’s ocean floor, while the Coast Guard provided security. Further debris was removed Friday and further operations will continue when weather permits, Northern Command stated.


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