Unexpectedly Cool Gel Pen Coloring Techniques – 2023

Gel Pen Coloring Techniques – Color with gel pens instead of coloured pencils if you want to try something with a bit more depth and flair. Color with coloured pencils in a variety of ways. Gel pens are a fun alternative for colouring that also has the advantage of making your artwork stand out.

Searching for a little glimmer?

Unexpectedly Cool Gel Pen Coloring Techniques

Also, intentionally carving out time to colour or sketch is a great way to decompress and unwind since it causes you to take things slowly and tap into your creative side by carefully choosing which colours to use where and meticulously drawing in the lines. The pastime is wonderful for downtime and may be done with others or by yourself at home. It can be highly soothing and calming.

But why not use one of the best colouring pens available instead of simply colouring with whatever you have on hand? Gel pens are ideal for bullet journaling, colouring in your colouring book, and simply personalising your calendar when you have free time.

Why are gel pens the best colouring tools?

Almost identical to the ink used in rollerball or Gel Pen Coloring Techniques is the ink that gives gel pens their distinctive characteristics. Yet, gel ink has brighter colours because the pigments used to manufacture them are heavier than those used in other inks.

Gel pen colours’ vividness is a result of the thick, opaque pigment being suspended in water. Other than that, the ink is distributed the same way as it is with ballpoint pens and rollerballs.

Because coloured ink doesn’t soak through like dye, gel pens offer you a firm line that doesn’t feather or bleed but take longer to dry. Due to the fact that there is no risk of the colouring book’s sheets being damaged, it is the ideal pen for colouring books.

A gel pen gives you the variety of softer tones, bold lines, and vibrant colours that colouring appears best when done. With the proper skill, a gel pen may also produce fine lines for extremely complex colouring designs.

You won’t grow tired of colouring with the same colours repeatedly because of all the many combinations and variations you can create with gel pens because there are so many fun colour selections to pick from. Moreover, gel pens are available in a stunning range of hues, including glitter, metallic, opalescent, and dazzling alternatives.

And fortunately for you, gel pen ink is Gel Pen Coloring Techniques from clothes and skin than non-gel, oil-based inks and is archival, fade-resistant, waterproof, chemical proof, and non-toxic.

However, gel pens require more frequent replacement than other colouring supplies since the ink distributes more densely and utilises more ink with each use because the ink rolls so smoothly, so be prepared for a longer drying period to prevent unnecessary smudges.

With a gel pen, though, your artistic abilities may truly come to life, which is why we adore them for colouring!

Four ways to paint with a gel pen

If you’ve never used a gel pen to colour before, you might not be aware of the variety of options they give you. Here are 4 techniques for using gel pens to colour and enhance your pages.

Get creative with colour. Try out each of your pens on a piece of scratch paper first to see how it appears before using it on your colouring sheet. Try out several colour combinations to see how they appear blended or adjacent to one another.

Accept and appreciate smudges. Keep in mind that because the ink runs so easily and fast, gel pens require time to dry. But it also implies that you can paint with the ink. To create a fading effect, you can use a little paintbrush to drag the ink away from the area where it has gathered. Alternatively combine two colours to produce shading; you’ll get a gorgeous gradient effect. Use a wetter gel pen along with a dryer gel pen for the greatest results. Use the wet first, then the dry.

Use white, metallic, or Gel Pen Coloring Techniques add contrast and distinctive effects to your colouring. For instance, to make an object shine out, draw or colour in fine lines around it with glitter pens. Or, to lessen the impact of the glitter, use a matte gel pen on top of a glitter gel pen.

Employ various brushstrokes. By adding tiny lines or dots to the drawing, try hatching or stippling. The colour will appear darker the closer the lines are together. To create contrast, you may even combine gel pens with other materials like markers or crayons. Use tiny circles, short strokes, long strokes, diagonal strokes, or all of the above to fill in the lines!

Our preferred gel pens

Although there is a wide variety of Gel Pen Coloring Techniques, we suggest the ones listed below specifically for colouring. (See this list for a comprehensive list of the pens and pencils we suggest using for colouring in the Ink+Volt Inspirational Coloring Book.)

Sepia, burgundy, hunter green, blue/black, and black are among the colours included in the Gelly Roll Dark Metallic 5-Pack, which also has a reflective shine and a dark metallic finish.

Rose-star, sky-star, lime-star, purple-star, golden-star, and red-star are among the “galaxy of shimmering colours” offered by the Gelly Roll Galaxy Stardust 6-Pack.

Use the Gelly Roll Moonlight 10-Pack, which is available in brilliant yellow, orange, vermilion, pink, green, red, rose, purple, green, and blue, for a wonderfully vivid and striking appearance.

The OOLY Yummy Gel Pen Coloring Techniques is ideal if you want a light aroma while colouring with your gel pens. Purple, red, pink, yellow, silver, grey, orange, sky blue, blue, lime, green, and brass are just a few of the 12 glimmering and vivid colours available.

Trying to get a two-tone effect? Although it is outlined in a different colour, the Gelly Roll Silver Shadow 5-Pack writes in a silver metallic ink. Magic exists!

The nice thing about gel pens is that in addition to being fantastic for colouring, they also spice up your diary, planner, or calendar. Choose the hues that suit your colouring book and you, then indulge in as much colouring as you like.

Enjoy colouring and be happy!


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