Two hours of Burglaries at SGF earn the man in Jail for 10 years

A man who admitted to two counts of felony first-degree robbery, and one count of attempted robbery , was sentenced to ten years.

Trae Daniel Vineyard 26, from Halltown received a sentence of 10 years of prison in October. 14, for part in three robberies that took place within two hours of each other on the morning of September. 27, 2021.

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Vineyard as well as an accomplice confronted two people who were running along The streets in Springfield’s North Benton Avenue around 6:15 a.m. September. 27. A robber carried an automatic handgun that was semi-automatic and demanded the man to hand over his wallet. The male victim stated that there was no wallet and the two victims fled.

Two hours of burglaries at SGF earn the man in jail for 10 years
Two hours of burglaries at SGF earn the man in jail for 10 years

In the early hours of 8 a.m. the next the next day Springfield police were called to an additional robbery complaint. The victim was walking out of his home in East Calhoun Street on his journey to classes in Drury University. Two men were on the sidewalk and one of them yelled out “hey, boy.” The gunman was carrying a gun that demanded the person’s belongings. The victim told the man that he had a pair of Apple AirPods and gave it to them. After the man scoured the victim’s bag and fled, the suspects escaped.

In the 820th minute of a.m. the next morning, Springfield police were called to another robbery complaint that came coming from North Grant Avenue. The victim was in a bench waiting for his friends. Two men approached him , and one pointed his gun asking for the victim’s bag. The robbers stole the bag and fled.

at 8:50 a.m. the next day the police were looking for suspects and found two suspects who matched the description, who were escaping. The police arrested Brendon Cox, and Vineyard. Cox was found to be carrying an Smith and Wesson .380 handgun and Apple AirPods. The police took the last two suspects to scene of their arrest, and identified the suspects as those who stole their belongings.

Cox will be a part of a jury trial to be held at 9 a.m. on November. 14 in the Greene County judicial courts facility. Cox is accused of two felonies of Robbery, three felony charges of criminal acts involving armed force and one felony count of attempted robbery.


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