TSMC begins production of high-end chips using 3nm technologies in Taiwan

TSMC begins production of high-end chips using 3nm technologies in Taiwan.

Chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has started production on Thursday of its latest chips using 3-nanometre technologies in Taiwan.

TSMC Chairman Mark Liu said it will continue to increase capacity in Taiwan without divulging more details about new investment plans.

The long-awaited mass production of chips using 3-nanometre technology in it’s Fab 18 construction site in the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) is attracting attention on the world’s biggest contract chipmaker’s plans for investment in the US and overseas, Reuters news report said.

TSMC stated that the total amount invested into Fab 18 will exceed NT$1.86 trillion, creating over 23500 construction jobs as well as 11,300 direct jobs in high-tech.

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Alongside expanding capacity of 3nm to Taiwan, TSMC is also expanding 3nm capacity at their Arizona facility within America. United States.

TSMC holds a leading position as a manufacturer of high-end chips that are utilized in everything including fighter jets, smartphones and even fighter aircrafts. TSMC believes that 3nm technology will result in high-end products with the market worth of $1.5 trillion in the next five years of production volume.

“TSMC is maintaining its technology leadership while investing significantly in Taiwan, continuing to invest and prosper with the environment,” TSMC Chairman Mark Liu told a ceremony to mark the capacity and production expansion in Tainan, the southern city of Tainan.

TSMC begins production of high-end chips using 3nm technologies in Taiwan

Liu stated that demand for the company’s 3-nanometre chip was extremely strong and was driven by the latest technologies like 5G as well as high-performance computing devices.

The 3nm process of TSMC is among the most advanced technology in semiconductors in terms of performance, power, area (PPA) and transistor technology. The 3nm process from TSMC offers up to 1.6X the density of logic and a reduction of power by 30 to 35 percent in the same timeframe as to N5’s 5nm (N5) method.

In the last month TSMC announced that it will increase its investment at its brand-new Arizona plant to reach $40 billion, which is among the biggest foreign investments made in U.S. history.

TSMC is a company that includes Apple and Nvidia as its top clients. It is also creating a chip manufacturing production facility located in Japan and has stated that they were in the initial stages of evaluating a possible expansion to Germany.

TSMC announced that it was working on building factories to manufacture the next generation of 2-nanometre chips. These were to be produced in central and northern Taiwan.

TSMC has repeatedly stated that the majority of its production will be in Taiwan.

TSMC has also revealed its global R&D Center located in Hsinchu Science Park. Hsinchu Science Park will open in the second quarter of 2023 and is expected to be operated by 8000 R&D employees.

TSMC is also working on preparations to build its 2nm-based fabs that will be situated inside the Hsinchu and Central Taiwan Science Parks, with six phases running as planned.


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