Top Energy Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2022

The top energy dividend stocks to purchase this January by the investors are ConocoPhillips (COP), Enbridge (ENB), and Clearway Energy (CWEN and CWEN.A).

 The energy business is falling off its greatest year in a long while. Higher oil and gas costs powered some big deal gains across the industry in the last year.

The developing economic situations and market improvements have likewise supported the business’ economic picture, giving numerous energy organizations the adaptability to deliver higher profits to their stakeholders. The top Energy Dividend Stocks to purchase this January have the names ConocoPhillips listed in NYSE as COP, Enbridge listed in NYSE as ENB, and Clearway Energy listed in NYSE as CWEN and CWEN.A.

Energy Dividend Stocks
Energy Dividend Stocks

Journey of ConocoPhillips

Higher oil costs have been an aid for ConocoPhillips. The oil goliath produced $10 billion in income from activities in their second last quarter. That effortlessly financed the organization’s $1.8 billion of payments to be paid in dividends. It additionally helps the organization to cover $3.8 billion of its capital expenses and permitted them to repurchase the shares of $2.2 billion with the balance left over to fortify financial statements.

Enbridge, 27th successive year of expanding its dividend

 Enbridge has an outstanding profit. Dividend payment history. Toward the end of last year, the organization declared that it would expand its dividend to around 3% for the New Year (2022). It is the organization’s 27th successive year of expanding its dividend. With such a raise the organization yields almost 7%.

Enbridge shouldn’t have any issues proceeding to develop dividend rate in the near future also. Because of its solid financial statements and moderate dividend payout proportion, it has the ability to contribute billions every year on new tasks, acquisitions, and buybacks of its shares. It as of now has a few extensions arranged, providing it with a reasonable view to develop its income per share at a 5% to the share of 7% yearly rate through somewhere around 2024.

 Focus on the Clearway Energy

Clearway Energy centers on possessing electricity-generating facilities that help in supplying clean power. It’s one of the biggest renewable power makers in the U.S. It likewise possesses a few naturally solid gas-fired power plants. These offices produce consistent income upheld by long-haul power buy agreements, which straightforwardly supports the organization’s dividend of 3.8%-yield.

Predictions for the Stock Market in 2022

Clearway accepts it can develop its dividend toward the upper finish of its 5% to 8% yearly long haul target rate through 2026. A major driver is the new offer of its thermal resources for private giant KKR amounting to $1.9 billion. Clearway as of now has bargains set up for half of those returns, empowering it to develop its profit at a top of the line rate for the following several years.

In the meantime, it ought to have a lot of chances to give the remainder of the returns something to do. It has an essential relationship with a renewable energy designer and a long history of making needle-moving outsider acquisitions. It has as of now distinguished a few likely drop-down open doors, setting it in a solid situation to follow through on its top-of-the-line dividend development objectives. With a yield close to 4% and the potential for 8% yearly development, Clearway could deliver twofold digit yearly absolute returns over the course of the following many years, making it an extraordinary dividend stock to purchase in January.


All these stocks (ConocoPhillips, Enbridge, and Clearway Energy) stand apart as the absolute best dividend stocks to buy for investors this January. Each of these organizations delivers better than expected dividends that the investors can expect in 2022 and further coming years.