There is a growing awareness that balloons are everywhere in our skies

There is a growing awareness that balloons are everywhere in our skies.

The U.S. began to shoot down more unidentified objects. Experts have warned in recent days that there was an “endless” number of targets.

If the United States wants to shoot down any stray balloon in American airspace, it will need many missiles.

Paul Fetkowitz is president of Kaymont Consolidated Industries. He makes high-altitude balloons from Melbourne, Fla.

According to Mr. Fetkowitz, and other experts, this flotilla could explain some of the objects that John Kirby, a National Security Council spokesperson, described as “slow-moving object at high altitude with small radar cross section” which were recently shot down over the United States.

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Federal officials have been trying to improve radars and atmospheric trackers since the United States downed a large Chinese surveillance ballon that was flying at 12 miles per hour as it crossed North America. According to experts, the upgrade could cause a paralyzing tsunami of false alarms.

A small object about the size of a car was attacked by fighter jets flying over Alaska. Officials from the Defense Department said it was likely a balloon. An American F-22 attacked a cylindrical object in Canada’s Yukon Territory the next day.

There is a growing awareness that balloons are everywhere in our skies

It was smaller than the Chinese surveillance system. An octagonal structure hung from strings and carrying no payload was struck over Lake Huron on Sunday. It first appeared in Montana days earlier.

These three objects were a threat to civil aviation, according to Mr. Kirby, but they weren’t transmitting any communications signals.

Terry Deshler, an Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science at the University of Wyoming, stated that the recent downings were “a total shocker” and that the enhanced-tracking efforts are “a total shocker”.


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