The NFL’s Super Bowl contenders at midseason in the rankings: Bills frontrunners; Rams, Bucs still have a chance

Does your team stand an opportunity to win in the NFL’s Super Bowl?

The NFL deadline for trades was over and certain clubs have taken steps to improve their positions for next season’s second quarter 2022’s season. – NFL’s Super Bowl

NFL's Super Bowl

NFL’s Super Bowl

Some teams with excellent start – such as those of the Tennessee Titans (5-2), Seattle Seahawks (5-3), New York Jets (5-3) and New York Giants (6-2) aren’t able to sustain the ability of these teams. They’re not able to make a huge playoff push, even when compared to teams with lower results at the moment. NFL’s Super Bowl

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USA TODAY Sports examines which teams have the most favorable Super Bowl chances for the remainder of the season: – NFL’s Super Bowl

1. Buffalo Bills (6-1)

The Bills have been knocking at the door over the last two seasons but haven’t been able to beat the Chiefs. Buffalo has already beat Kansas City this season and could soon be in line to get home-field advantage during the playoffs – NFL’s Super Bowl

Buffalo introduced the running back Nyheim Hines to the team of running backs. The team’s top cornerback Tre’DaviousWhite is expected to return next season following an ACL tear.

In addition to Josh Allen playing at an MVP level, the star receiver Stefon Diggs, who is a playmaker as well as Von Miller providing a defensive firepower, Buffalo appears primed to be a contender for the Super Bowl and potentially win the entire season.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (5-2)

Following the victory in the Super Bowl following the 2019 season, and then advancing to it again the following season it seemed like Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were always seated on the same table.

However, following the loss in the AFC championship game to Cincinnati in the previous season, and then losing to Buffalo in the season before and losing to Buffalo earlier this season, the Chiefs have proven they’re not as strong as they appear.

3. Philadelphia Eagles (8-0)

The Eagles are 8-0 following their 29-17 victory over the Houston Texans on Thursday night. They’re one of the most exciting news stories of the NFL this season.

Quarterback Jalen Hurts has improved his game during the third year of his career. Nick Sirianni is likely to be considered for the Coach of the Year award. NFL’s Super Bowl

Additionally, Eagles General Manager Howie Roseman made some major moves by signing receiver A.J. Brown in the offseason. safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson ahead of the start of the season, and defensive end Robert Quinn at the trade deadline.

With a steady rushing offense and a somewhat relaxed schedule through the remainder of the season The Eagles have to strengthen their run defense if they wish to earn the number. one place for the NFC playoff race and get to the Super Bowl.

Their run defense could affect the hopes of an unbeaten regular season.

4. San Francisco 49ers (4-4)

The season-ending injury to Quarterback Trey Lance was unlucky, but it did bring players from the 49ers with their top quarterback at the moment. NFL’s Super Bowl

Jimmy Garoppolo’s years of experience as the head of an San Francisco offense will pay huge dividends when the 49ers bought the star player Christian McCaffrey at the trade deadline.


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