Slingshot Biosciences Announces $11 Million in Series A3 Financing

Slingshot Biosciences Announces $11 Million in Series A3 Financing.

Slingshot Biosciences, a biotechnology company developing the world’s first online synthetic cell platform for the creation of custom-designed cells and cell line replicas, today announced the closing of $11 million as part of the Series A3 financing.

The investment was led by ARCH Venture Partners and, with participation from Anterra Capital. This funding will allow Slingshot to speed up the commercialization success of its groundbreaking technology for gene and cell treatments. Slingshot will also expand its therapeutics and adoptive cell therapy platform through this funding.

“Slingshot’s synthesized cell product is expected to make a significant impact on the vast majority of crucial medical markets, such as the field of gene therapy and cell therapy,” said Corey Ritter of ARCH Venture Partners.

“All members of ARCH are thrilled to collaborate with Slingshot’s Slingshot group to bring synthetic cell products accessible to meet diagnostics, research and manufacturing requirements, while also advancing their efforts to develop functional synthetic cells.”

“After having successfully built our commercial presence in controls and diagnostics in the last year, we’re excited to increase our efforts to develop biopharma-related applications, particularly the gene and cell therapies,” said Jeffrey Kim PhD, Founder of Slingshot, CEO and president of Slingshot. “Customer engagement is phenomenal and we’re thrilled to continue our development and commercialization efforts to help our gene therapy and cell therapies customers.”

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Cell-derived products are crucial to the advancement of healthcare technologies around the world. 775 (750) samples of blood are examined each second within the U.S. alone, and each test is based on references to cells for precise assessment.

With this funding, Slingshot is developing the next generation of adoptive cells treatment tools and therapeutic options which can make use of its artificial cell platform. Slingshot will also expand its cell functional programs to be used in biopharma applications.

About Slingshot Biosciences

Slingshot Biosciences develops synthetic cells for various applications in the fields of diagnostics and therapeutics. Slingshot makes use of technological advances in distributed manufacturing engineering and polymer chemistry. offer an off-the-shelf, industry-first solution for reagents that resemble cells that are durable, cost-effective and targeted towards various markets and indications. More information about ARCH Venture Partners

ARCH Venture Partners invests in advanced technology firms and is one of the most reputable early-stage venture companies in technology. ARCH Venture Partners is recognized as an innovator in commercializing technologies that were developed by academic institutions as well as corporate research organizations and national labs.

ARCH invests in primarily companies it establishes in partnership with top entrepreneurs and scientists, making it possible to bring innovations in physical and life sciences to the market.

Slingshot Biosciences Announces $11 Million in Series A3 Financing

About Northpond Ventures

Northpond Ventures is a multi-billion-dollar venture capital company that is driven by science. It has its headquarters within Cambridge, MA; San Francisco, CA; and Bethesda, MD. Northpond is consistently named an active leader among science investors by Crunchbase as well as Silicon Valley Bank.

It is actively involved within the academic world as it established The Laboratory for Bioengineering Research and Innovation at Harvard’s Wyss Institute; launched the Northpond Program at MIT – Promoting Life Science & Engineering Innovation and awarded the award of a prize for women entrepreneurs in MIT. It has facilitated or co-led more than 60 financings in the last few years and sits on the boards of the majority of these companies.

About Anterra Capital

Based in Amsterdam and Boston, Anterra Capital is an international specialist venture capitalist focused on financing the expansion of tech-driven businesses with transformational potential in agriculture, food, and the health of animals. With the support of multinational institutions, Anterra is a strategic investor who provides capital to entrepreneurs as well as innovative businesses that transform our food system globally.


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