Six-Year-Old Student Deliberately Shot Teacher In US

Six-Year-Old Student Deliberately Shot Teacher In US.

A 6-year-old pupil deliberately wounded and killed an instructor on his campus at Newport News, Virginia, US during an altercation in a first-grade classroom on Friday, according to local police and school officials.

The victim, identified by the name of Abby Zwerner, was rushed to the hospital following being shot in the chest and was later declared critically ill.

The student who killed the teacher hasn’t been identified by the media. The student was detained and police are trying to discover how he got the gun.

Zwerner was the only one wounded in the horrific shooting in Richneck elementary school. According to the Daily Mail reports, the teacher shouted at her pupils to get away, but she was shot and was wounded to the floor.

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On Friday night, Newport News Police Chief Steve Drew informed reporters that the incident wasn’t an instance of someone playing around with the shooting at the school.

He also said that even though Zerner’s injuries remained life-threatening the condition of her was “somewhat improved” in the latest update he’d received.

A school shooting that involves an infant is very uncommon, though it is not uncommon, and Virginia laws limit the ways the child of that age can be punished for an offense, as per The Associated Press.

Six-Year-Old Student Deliberately Shot Teacher In US

According to the Twitter account, there are 0 days Since Last Mass Shooting, 23 years ago, a child brought a gun into school and shot one of his classmates in Michigan.

“Today’s incident highlights, another time, the need to prioritize in this country protecting our schools, students as well as the communities that provide for them. Again, in another school across the country, students are being confronted with fear instead of joy, and lessons on violence in place of peace,” The Uvalde Foundation For Kids stated in an official statement.

Following the Uvalde school shooting that took place during May US president Joe Biden was adamant about the banning of assault weapons and magazines with high capacity during a talk on gun violence.


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