San Bernardino Votes To Secede From California, Form an ‘Empire State’

San Bernardino Votes To Secede From California – A narrow majority of San Bernardino voters voted for a measure that allows county officials to start the process of secession from California.

Measure EE asked voters whether San Bernardino County’s elected representatives should “study, advocate for all possible options to secure the county’s fair portion of state funding,” according to the Voter Information Guide San Bernardino County.

Jeff Burum, a real-estate mogul, added the possibility of California seceding to the proposal. He said that the state was not doing enough to help the county cope with its growing population.

The county of San Bernardino has 2.18 million residents at the moment. This is the fifth-highest in the state.

Burum stated to The San Bernardino Sun that “I would never wish to leave this state.” “But I can tell ya this: if you continue to abuse me, abuse us, sometimes it’s impossible to make a stand for yourself.”

He suggested that the county be made into a new state under the name “Empire.”

On November 8, San Bernardino voters approved the measure 51.3 percent to 48.7.

Is San Bernardino going to secede from California?

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Although technically, the measure allows elected officials to start the project, it is unlikely that San Bernardino will secessionise from California.

This measure is symbolic and shows that the county is prepared to do anything necessary to ensure it receives its “fair share”, even secession. It’s not clear if a secession from state funding would be legal or constitutionally possible.

The Constitution states that any act of secession must be approved in advance by both the state legislature and Congress.

San Bernardino Votes To Secede From California

Although there have been cases where secession has worked, such as Maine’s independence from Massachusetts in 1820 or West Virginia being made a new state of California in 1863, many attempts to disintegrate California have failed in recent years.

These midterm elections were not the only instance in which secessionist movements won victory in San Bernardino County.

Three Illinois counties–Brown and Hardin, as well as the northeastern part of Madison County — have passed referendums that technically allow the state to initiate the process of secession. They join 24 other states that have already approved similar non-binding measures.

Oregon’s majority of residents in Wheeler County and Morrow County voted for Idaho joining them. This would move the state line between the two countries to create “Greater Idaho.”


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