Robbery of $22k in $1happened at Providence Strip Club

Cadillac Lounge Robbery

It’s surprising that the first time robbery of such kind happened as Mr. Dick Shappy owner of the club said. In the morning, Mr. Dick got a call from the staff of the club that someone had stolen $22,000 in $1 bills at gunpoint. He couldn’t do anything. It is assumed that he must have visited the place before to finish this task efficiently.

Mr. Dick Shappy was very sad about the incident and narrated everything about how the robber exchanged the bills. Generally, this practice is done for people who wanted to give tips and we keep the small bills to help them. Mr. Shappy said that in the last few years we never faced so bad conditions even when the club was hit by the mob multiple times.

Police and Media have taken evidence and CCTV footage of the culprit. He had covered his face with the mask and wearing a cap. Black googles, sports shoes, and full coverage of his body with a jacket made him completely hide his identity.


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