Raiderlink TTU, Know How to Access TTU Raiderlink step by step latest Information 2022

Raiderlink TTU is the online link provided to the students studying at Texas Tech University to access the online resources related to their courses. The students can access their courses from any corner through this campus connection to update the details about them or their courses through the same. It offers access to the course’s grade, course material, and leave details, parking services, fees structure, and many more. It is the connection that helps you to get in touch with your campus when you are off-campus. The most common query of the students is in relation to the how-to access Raiderlink TTU effectively. Therefore, we will discuss this point in detail here.

How to Sign in to the Raiderlink TTU? A step by step approach

To login into the Texas Tech Raiderlink TTU portal try the steps as follows:

1. Open the portal by entering the correct address as

2. Enter the credentials as eRaider TTU username and password.

3. Then snap on the blue “Sign In” option to sign in to the account.

raiderlink ttu
raiderlink ttu

Note: Kindly ensure that you sign in to the account using your ttu\eRaider username or ttuhsc\eRaider username or via the email address email address.

Steps to set a new Raiderlink TTU “eRaider account”

The eRaider account is the learner’s Texas Tech University electronic ID. It is a solitary account credential (username and password) for use in getting to the electronic resources at TTU.

Assuming that you are a TTU understudy, you probably have an eRaider account as of now, as records are produced consequently founded on you having affiliation from the TTU. Utilize the setup code you have to set up your eRaider account.

In the event that you don’t have the set-up code, check the non-Texas Tech email account(s) for a message from [email protected] or from the Texas Tech staff part that physically approved the account or you may also get in touch with IT Help Central who can resend the setup code to you. Take a stab at examining your spam or junk folder for the email too.

On the off chance that you were unable to find a set-up code, then it implies that your account might be as of now set up. Have a go at following the “Forgot Password” interaction to take a stab at setting another or new password.

After ensuring or making sure that you have your setup code with you follow the steps below to set up your eRaider account for the Raiderlink TTU account as:

1. Open the and click on the Set-Up Account.

raiderlink ttu
raiderlink ttu

2. Type the mentioned data and snap Confirm.

raiderlink ttu
raiderlink ttu

3. Review the “Terms of Use” explanation. Click Agree on the off chance that you consent to the terms.

4. If your record was physically approved by a staff part instead of automatically approved by Banner/eRaider procedure you might have to determine the biographical data physically. Whenever provoked for this data, type it cautiously and click Continue.

5. The eRaider arrangement screen will request contact data which might be utilized to assist you with resetting the password from here on out or to alarm you in regards to the activity of the account. Indicate a contact telephone number and another email address, and afterward click Continue. You should indicate a contact number to continue.

6. The eRaider framework will send confirmation codes to the contact sources that you determined in the earlier step. Check the mobile or email you specified for such verification code. Type such code(s) into the proper fields on the eRaider arrangement screen and snap on the Continue.

7. Type or choose the password to conform to the prerequisites. Then, at that point, click on the Continue option. You won’t be given the password option again, so type or select the password you can easily remember.

8. Review once and approve all the data entered and then submit all by snapping on the Complete Account Set-Up option.

9. Your account set-up is done now and now simply waits for 30 minutes for the account to finalize and then after 30 min you can sign in to access eRaider-validated administrations.

 Steps to Reset Raiderlink TTU eRaider Password

In case you forgot your password and require resetting the same then follow the steps below:

1. If you don’t have the foggiest idea about the password to your account then peruse and then choose the “Forgot Password” button.

raiderlink ttu
raiderlink ttu

2. Type the details asked on the screen (eRaider username and date of birth). Then, at that point, click on the Continue.

raiderlink ttu
raiderlink ttu

3. In case, you have your TechID or Social Security number (SSN) on the account records in the eRaider framework, then you will be incited to enter any one of them and then, click on the Continue.

4. To check or verify the user identity, the eRaider framework will send a confirmation code to the contact number that you determined in the eRaider account. Pick either a Text Message or voice call message to receive the code and then enter the same and then click on the Continue when you are prepared for the code to be sent.

5. “Enter Code.” And then, click on the Verify option.

6. Type the new password you want to change your password within both the given fields and then snap on the Set Password.

7. Now eRaider password has been successfully changed. It might require as long as five minutes for the new password to work on all eRaider-confirmed administrations. On the off chance that your password has lapsed, it might require as long as two hours to recover full admittance to some IT administrations like TTU Raiderlink and Blackboard TTU.

The most effective method to get the eRaider username

1. Browse to and click on the Forgot Username.

2. Complete the required data, and afterward click Continue.

raiderlink ttu
raiderlink ttu

3. To confirm the user identity, the eRaider framework will send you the confirmation code to the number you indicated in the eRaider account. Pick Text Message or voice call to receive the code and then enter the same in the given field of “Enter code” and then verify your details.

4. With the step above you will get your eRaider username available on the screen.

Assuming that you want further help with the Raiderlink TTU / eRaider username and password, reach the official IT Help Central @ 742-HELP (742-4357) for resolving your issue with the account login and so.

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Final words

Follow the methods defined above to use and log in to your eRaider account in the Raiderlink TTU. It will allow you to easily access your course resources and other details on and off-campus.  I hope you like this article, yet on the off chance that you are confronting any issue connected with this Article, feel free to leave a comment, I like helping everyone. What’s more, till then stay tuned to of us for such astounding Guidelines and updates about your favourite topic. Thank You.


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