POF Com Delete Account, How do I Delete My POF Account Permanently

There may be several reasons for taking the step to discard your Plenty of Fish (POF) profile. We understand that you might want to terminate your POF account when at last you got the perfect match, need a pause from the online dating world, or have finally agreed to choose some other online dating platform options on the market. Check out this guide to learn about the POF site, profile hide option, and POF Com delete account procedure.

What is POF.Com?

POF Com Delete Account
POF Com Delete Account

Plenty of Fish is a Canada-based dating and matchmaking website started in 2003 by Markus Frind. It is especially prominent in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Australia, and the United States. 

Main Highlights of POF Com

Some of the main highlights and features of the POF website are:

Obtainable in 9 Languages

The site is readily accessible in nine distinct mother tongues. The main office of POF is in Vancouver, British Columbia. The firm earns profit through ads and subscriptions. 

Free of Cost Website & Subscription Service

Plenty of Fish is free of cost website. However, its advanced subscription lets people view which user has liked a participant. It is possible through the company’s MeetMe functionality. Plus, it enables the subscribers to check a viewed or removed chat message.

Focus on Partnership

In contrast to Tinder, Plenty of Fish concentrates on bonding instead of tapping left to the right to find a suitable partner. Before proceeding, you must fulfill a few queries like your interests and passions, goals, or home.

Profile Hide Option 

Like many other dating portals, you could permanently remove your POF user profile or conceal it from other users. People cannot search for you on the webpage if you cover it up. 

If you are unsure about POF account removal, this could be the better decision. Moreover, erasing your POF account is the safest alternative if you do not require it anymore. And anyway, you have the choice always to make another POF account later.

Check out the below segment to learn about the POF Com delete account process.

POF Com Delete Account Procedure on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook

POF Com Delete Account
POF Com Delete Account

Follow the given instructions to erase your POF account forever on different devices:

Visit POF Account Deletion Page

First, turn on your system, activate the internet, and browse https://ca.pof.com/deleteaccount using a website browser.

Enter Your POF Login Details

After this, type in your POF login info (Username and Password). Tap Log In.

Answer the Questions

Now, you will see questions like Would You Recommend POF, Number of Dates, and Reasons for Quitting the POF site. Provide an answer to all these queries.

Click Delete Account

Lastly, tap on the Delete Account option.

POF Com Delete Account Procedure on Android or iOS

POF Com Delete Account
POF Com Delete Account

Note: Sadly, the POF iPhone and Android applications do not permit the deletion of your POF account for privacy reasons.  You should utilize a smartphone internet browser that includes Chrome, Mozilla, or Safari.

To remove your POF account on your Android or iPhone, chase the below directives:

Initiate a Mobile Web Browser

Firstly, open your preferred mobile web browser.

Arrive at POF Account Deletion Page

Then, proceed to https://ca.pof.com/deleteaccount.

POF Login 

Next, sign in to your POF account.

Reply to Questions Presented

Respond to questions showcased like reasons for deleting your POF account.

Tap Delete Account

Finally, hit the Delete Account option to apply the POF Com delete account steps.

Steps to Hide Your POF Profile on PC or Phone

Sometimes, you want to pause from hooking up. However, you wish to return to the Plenty of Fish site afterward. Thus,  concealing your POF profile is the best bet.

It is a good choice for someone who does not wants to remove all data on their Plenty of Fish profile using the POF Com delete account method. The reason is you may be trying to keep some remembrances, or you want to take a short break. In any case, follow the given steps to hide your POF profile:

POF Login

POF Com Delete Account
POF Com Delete Account

Firstly, sign in to your Plenty of Fish account by browsing http://pof.com/.

Tap My Profile

Next, at the top of the screen, tap My Profile.

Choose My Profile

Then, choose Edit Profile or My Profile.

Profile Visibility

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Profile Visibility option.

Choose Hide Profile

Finally, select Hide Profile by tapping the dot close to it.

There is no listing of your POF profile in search engine results. Just follow the same procedure if you wish to uncover or show your account at any time.

Note: If you cannot view the Hide Profile option, try accessing POF in the incognito tab. For more assistance on this issue, tap https://help.pof.com/hc/en-us.

Edit & Update Your POF Profile If You Do Not Want to Delete It

POF Com Delete Account
POF Com Delete Account

If you do not wish to apply the POF COM delete account steps, edit your profile first.

Suppose you are not chatting up anyone, not receiving outings, or have obsolete details (like hobbies, bio, images, or interests)on your POF account. Thus, edit your POF profile frequently because it can lead to more interactions and relationships.

Steps to Edit Your POF Profile on PC or Phone

  1. Firstly, open a web browser and visit http://pof.com/.
  2. Next, log in to your POF account by entering your correct credentials.
  3. Now, tap My Profile —> Edit Profile.
  4. Finally, update your details and tap Save Changes.

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Final Words on POF Com Delete Account

Deleting an online dating account is more straightforward than going on a date to find a perfect match. Thus, use the above methods to delete, hide, or update your Plenty of Fish account. 


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