My Slice: Helpful Guide to Access Syracuse Login Portal 2022

Syracuse University’s My slice is the authority administration portal for scholastic, monetary, business, and authoritative issues at Syracuse University.

Students can enroll for classes, view grades, cover Bursar bills, and select lodging, and dinner plans, from there, the sky is the limit. Log in to access your SUMail, MySlice, Blackboard, SUShare, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, or to access your school’s intranet.

Instructions to Log Into My slice

1) Navigate to

2) Click on the Student-Faculty-Staff button.

3) This will take you to the Microsoft Outlook sign-in page.

4) Enter your full Syracuse University email address.

5) Click Next.

6) Enter your account password.

7) Click Sign In to access your account.

8) Some clients might be incited to design Microsoft Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

As another student or candidate of Syracuse University, you’ll have to activate your account prior to logging into Syracuse My slice.

Step by Step Instructions to Activate Your Account

My slice
My slice

Before you can access university systems, for example, My slice and Blackboard, you should activate your NetID. During activation, you make a password for your account and set up a self-recuperation strategy. This self-recuperation technique can be utilized to reset the password on the off chance that you at any point fail to remember it.

A NetID is a personal identifier relegated to SU students, staff, and personnel to permit them access to numerous SU processing assets. It regularly comprises a blend of initials and last names and may incorporate a number.

All NetID proprietors are required to change their passwords something like one time each year.

A few email messages will be shipped off NetID proprietors beginning 30 days before their password lapse date, informing them that they should change their password to keep away from termination. In the event that the password lapses, the NetID is impaired. When the account becomes handicapped, all assets that require the NetID and password are presently not accessible.

On the off chance that you have not activated your NetID, you should do as such to access My slice.

Visit, click “Activate Your NetID” and adhere to the guidelines. You will require your SUID number to activate your NetID. When you activate it, you will just need your NetID and related password to access MySlice.

You will accept your SUID number once you apply for affirmation. Your SUID number can be found on the letter you got from SU Financial Aid (on the off chance that you are a candidate) or on your SUID card.

After your application is transferred to the system, you will get an email confirmation with access to your SUID. You can continuously email us at [email protected] (giving your complete name and date of birth), and staff can recover it for you. No one but students can demand their SUID numbers. My slice.


My slice
My slice

SUMail is managed by the University and uses Microsoft’s cloud administrations.

Your SUMail email address is [email protected] SUMail utilizes the very password that you set up for your NetID. For instance, on the off chance that your NetID is xyzsmith, your SUMail email address would be [email protected]

Recently enlisted students are appointed an authority email address roughly 24-48 hours in the wake of presenting their Admissions Acceptance Form (undergrad) or the Intent to Register Form (graduate, Law), paid educational cost store, and affirmed as selected and have activated their NetID.

First-time non-registered students (for example University College) are doled out an authority email address, ordinarily soon after they have presented their enrollment.

Syracuse University will utilize your email address to convey significant data about the Blackboard, My slice, and other account systems to you (e.g., server data like free times, planned support, and so forth.). It is, consequently, vital that you browse this email routinely.

Syracuse blackboard

My slice
My slice

Blackboard is the supported Learning Management System at Syracuse University.

When a student registers for a course that is utilizing Blackboard, a student account is automatically set up, and the student is signed up for the proper course(s). Clients log in to Blackboard with a similar NetID and password used to log in to My slice.

Courses are simply visible to students in Blackboard after they have been made available by the instructor. For students to see and access current and past courses in Blackboard, instructors should make them available.

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