Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw – Which One Should I Get First

Miter saw vs circular saw is a correlation that numerous DIYers consider while chipping away at home remodel projects since it’s simpler to continue to work with the saw that is out as of now as opposed to changing to an alternate saw. Notwithstanding, there are likewise conditions in which utilizing a miter saw or circular saw for a cut can degrade your work and make it more hard to cut material and accomplish great outcomes.

All DIYers utilizing these tools, paying little mind to encounter, need to likewise have a firm comprehension of a circular saw and miter saw security and personal protective equipment (PPE) needs. The PPE for working these tools incorporates security glasses, hearing insurance, and a residue veil.

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw

What is a miter saw?

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw – To become familiar with the distinctions between miter saws and circular saws, it’s important to have a firm thought of what a miter saw is and what it resembles. Miter saws comprise a fixed base and a pivoted saw that lifts upward away from the base on a huge arm. The saw sharp edge is round, and it’s regularly used to make crosscuts and miter cuts in wood, plastic, or even metal, contingent upon the prepared cutting edge.

The objective material is arranged on the foundation of the saw against a metal hindrance ordinarily alluded to as a wall. The wall assists with keeping the material straight and set up while the client grasps the idea of the saw arm and holds the trigger down to initiate the sharp edge. By bringing the turning sharp edge down to the material, the miter saw cuts clean through wooden shafts, plastic pipe, and metal corner round.

Kinds of Miter Saws

Miter saws can be parted into three more modest classifications in light of the explicit capabilities connected with each sort of saw. The three sorts incorporate a standard miter saw, a compound miter saw, and a sliding compound miter saw.

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Miter saw

The standard miter saw has a base or table that turns to the right and left, making it conceivable to change the point of the crosscut. It has a sharp edge that lifts or descends upward to slice through the material on the base.

Compound miter saw

While a standard miter saw just has a turning base, a compound miter saw can shift to make incline and compound cuts through the material.

Sliding compound miter saw

Outfitted with a turning table for crosscuts, a shifting sharp edge for incline cuts, and a sliding extendable arm that makes it more straightforward to slice through bigger material, the sliding compound miter saw offers the most adaptability to the client. Nonetheless, it likewise occupies the most room in a studio. The sliding miter saw is outfitted with a strong 15-amp engine, and it highlights sliding rails that assist the client with slicing a block to 16 inches wide.

What is a circular saw?

Miter Saw Vs Circular Saw – While a miter saw comprises of a base, arm, and vertical saw sharp edge that can’t be utilized without a strong surface for the base to sit, a circular saw is a handheld tool that depends principally on the client for precision. This kind of saw likewise has a circular cutting edge and can be utilized on wood, plastic, or metal, but since the tool should be held and coordinated through the material, it very well may be less precise than a miter saw. 

To utilize the tool, simply grasp the handle situated on top of the tool and line up the saw sharp edge to cut into the ideal material. Ensure the material is put on a level, firm surface that can uphold the load while you work, then press the trigger to initiate the saw edge. Steadily move the saw edge into the material, proceeding to apply tension in the ideal course.

On the off chance that you are making a straight slice through a sheet of compressed wood, keep on applying forward power to move the tool flawlessly through the wood. Be that as it may, to make bent cuts, then, at that point, you should apply strain to turn the saw as it cuts. These kinds of freehand cuts are unrealistic with a miter saw.

Kinds of Circular Saws

Like a miter saw circular saws come in a few sorts. These incorporate sidewinder, worm drive, and compact circular saws.

Sidewinder circular saw

Sidewinders are the most widely recognized sort of circular saw and are likewise alluded to as in-line saws. They have an engine that is situated straightforwardly to one side of the edge to turn the shaft and drive the edge at high rates proficiently. These circular saws are compact and lightweight.

Worm drive circular saw

The normal option in contrast to a sidewinder circular saw is a worm drive circular saw that has the engine mounted behind the edge. The consequence of this plan is less speed yet expanded force for longer crosscuts and miter cuts.

Compact circular saw

In some cases alluded to as scaled-down circular saws because of their little size, compact circular saws are successful for working in little spaces, similar to inside a wall. To accomplish the little size of this tool, in general, power is forfeited by diminishing the size and result of the engine. The sharp edge is likewise a lot more modest on a compact circular saw than it would be on a standard sidewinder or worm drive saw.

Track saw

A track saw is tantamount to a circular saw, however, it isn’t precisely a kind of circular saws since track saws don’t have similar adaptability as a circular saw. These tools are circular saws that work with tracks, permitting them to succeed at making precise, straight cuts.

Why a Miter Saw Ought to Most likely Be Your First Saw

Circular saws do have more adaptability than miter saws. Each cut you can make on a miter saw should likewise be possible on a circular saw, in addition to a couple of something else. For this reason, my father (and some others on the web) suggest beginning with a circular saw. Be that as it may, circular saws are drawn-out to utilize. Miter saw vs circular saw. First off, cutting straight without some kind of guide is testing. 

I have the Kreg Tear Cut guide, and I use it on pretty much every circular saw cut I make since I can’t cut straight without it. Furthermore, your loads up must be clasped and gotten, and that implies additional time during the arrangement interaction, while with a miter saw, you can simply hold the load up to the wall and cut. It takes me under 30 seconds to make a miter saw cut, though I most likely require around 10 minutes to set up and make a cut with a circular saw.

Also, circular saws are more hazardous. Miter saws are a protected tool – shy of putting your hand in the way of the sharp edge, there’s very little that can occur. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t organize and brace your wood appropriately, making hazardous payoff with a circular saw is simple. Miter saw vs circular saw. There’s likewise an edge running under the wood as you cut, and since you can’t see it, it’s not difficult to put your hand or leg or something close to it coincidentally.

Are modest Miter Saws worth the effort?

While searching for a miter saw, you need to get the most worth. Both cheap and costly miter saws can be worth the effort. Everything relies upon what you want.

On the off chance that you’re simply cutting some trim, and that is everything you will utilize your miter saw for, then, at that point, it could seem OK to buy a modest saw with a little sharp edge.


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