Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin Split after 9 years of Marriage

Separation Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin have decided to part away from their marriage after getting married for a decade now. Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin split is the news of the town as per their joint statement to the media, they have said that there is nobody to blame for as they have mutually decided to start the next phase of their life in the evolution of their love for each other.

Couple Declaration About their Separation

As per the latest media reports, many media houses have confirmed the news of the couple’s separation after completing 9 years of a successful marriage. Good and Franklin met in the year 2011 while working on the same project Jumping the Broom from where they have started dating each other for a year and finally got married in June 2012 at a great wedding in Malibu, US, California.

 The couple further added in their joint statement that after great consideration and prayer they have taken this step to live separately while being connected forever in life. They said that they have enjoyed and celebrated at least a decade together where they have respect and love for each other.

They also are very grateful to all these years of living together with each other where they have learned and experienced a lot while being a husband and wife. They are also very thankful to the almighty for their destiny of sharing their life with each other.

Happy Times of the Couple

Earlier this year around 6 months before, they both have celebrated their 9th year of anniversary with each other in public sharing posts. Good who is 40 years old and Franklin is 43 years old is one of the most lovely couples in the town and their news of separation comes as a shock for many of their followers.

In June this year on the occasion of their marriage, Good has shared a beautiful highlight reel on their relationship from her Instagram handle, in which she has posted a message mentioning a special message for her husband.

She has written a beautiful message mentioning to Franklin a very happy anniversary, my love. On which Franklin responded by sharing their photo with the message “I love you my love and very happy anniversary #9”.

Good’s New Series in Amazon

Then on December 2, 2021, Franklin congratulated the actress for her new series of shows Harlem, on Amazon prime through his social media handle saying that he is so proud of her and she is one of the best talents on the planet.

In the “Harlem,” series Good has played the role of a Camille, which is a role of an assistant educator at Columbia who is teaching the humanities of affection and sex.

As she explores life as a Black lady in New York City, Camille figures out the fact that it is so hard to date other educated experts of shading while at the same time endeavoring to prevail at work and will save the neighborhood from improvement.

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At that point, the entertainer said that she can easily relate with her character Camille in light of the fact that she was once a solitary lady herself. Good even added that she recalls precisely what it resembled and what a portion of those encounters resembled with her own life.

 Good even added about her personification as Camille like she was unable to get a break from her love life with Franklin.

The couple has even shared their romance via documenting a bestselling book titled “The Wait: a Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love.” In this book, the couple has shared the details of their bond together and mentioned how they have saved the sex for the marriage which the couple has mentioned as a key to success for their marriage.

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