Lost Ark is Life After Multiple Launch Day Delays

Lost Ark, an isometric 2.5d fantasy massively action thriller multiplayer online role-playing game co-developed by Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio was first released in the South Korean region on December 4, 2019. Further after a long wait, the game was also released in Europe and the Americas on February 11, 2022, by the giant platform Amazon Games. Currently, it is the second-highest playing game in video game service Steam and has won six-game awards in various categories at the Korea Game Awards 2019.

There were some issues related to the recent launch and now it has been solved by the developers and publishers of the game. 

Lost Ark was due to launch on Friday, February 11, 2002, but it was delayed due to some unexpected problems. “Unfortunately, due to deployment issues, the launch is delayed,” read the tweet from the official Lost ark account. “We hope to have this resolved in a matter of hours. Your patience is appreciated and we’ll update you soon. We want your time in Arkesia to be a great experience and we’re working hard to get Lost Ark live as soon as possible.”

Lost Ark
Lost Ark

Following that a tweet on the official Lost Ark Twitter account said that “all deployment issues have now been resolved”. After downloading the new patch players were experiencing issues with missing characters and because of that servers have been taken offline to get this problem resolved.

Earlier the developers tweeted that as compensation for the delays they will be adding 3 days of Crystalline Aura to all players who log in to the game as a small thank you.”.

After 24 hours, Lost Ark has surpassed 1 million concurrent players, making it the second most played game in Steam history by concurrent counts. The collaboration between Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG to localize and translate Lost Ark and make it available in English. It has now surpassed both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, which have long dominated the top of Steam’s chart.

Is Lost Ark free?

Lost Ark is now accessible for gamers and you can play for free! Three Starter Packs – the Apprentice, Explorer, and Vanquisher bundles – are now available for purchase for prospective adventurers wishing to stock their inventories with plenty of things to aid them on their upcoming excursions

Is Lost Ark on mobile?

At present, as per the official website, it is clear that “Lost Ark is only available on PC” and no other platforms are mentioned by it. It can be only played on PC. In the near future, there is no chance for such an update.

Is Lost Ark released yet?

Lost Ark which was delayed due to “deployment issues” has declared new launch times. They are as follows.

  • UK: 10:15 pm GMT, Friday, February 11th, 
  • Europe: 11:15 pm CET, Friday, February 11th
  • West Coast US: 2:15 pm PST, Friday, February 11th
  • East Coast US: 5:15 pm EST, Friday, February 11th

Lost Ark will take up 57GB of free space on your computer. When you start the download on Steam, it will ask you to clear 70GB of space, however, this is simply extra room for your PC to transfer data around while it downloads.

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Lost Ark will take up a little over 50GB after the installation is complete. Although this download size includes an early access launch patch, it may expand in size as more updates are released during the launch period. It’s also worth noting that Lost Ark will almost probably receive a slew of content updates so expect the file size to expand as new material is added.