LEr Code on Traeger Grill, Know how to fix It Technically

Traeger Grills is a famous Salt Lake City-based pellet grill company and to use it without tension it is good to know the problems that might occur when you are using it. In this write-up about Traeger error codes and troubleshooting, a very potential error code is discussed. LEr Code on Traeger Grill is one of the major problems that occur to Traeger Grill and here it is we shall discuss LEr Code on Traeger Grill, troubleshooting the issue, and methods to follow to avoid the same issue in the future. 

What is the LEr code?

The LEr code indicates a “Low-Temperature Error” and is the exact opposite problem of “High-Temperature Error” or HEr. If you are seeing this code you have to know that it is happening because the temperature in the grill has fallen below 125F for more than 10 minutes. Even if it’s ten minutes it is a long time for the device and relative to a multi-hour smoke, it’s not that big a deal. You’re unlikely to see this error unless you’re trying to cook low and slow.

When this error occurs the grill will shut itself down, and then it’s up to you to restart it again. Then you have to clear the pellets from the fire pot and then you have to begin the start-up sequence.

LEr Code on Traeger Grill
LEr Code on Traeger Grill

Lots of reasons might lead to a LEr code. They are listed as follows.

  1. One common and simple explanation is that you’ve run out of pellets and hence there’s nothing to burn.
  2. Traeger can’t get up to temperature as the outside temperature is so cold and hence necessary energy is not supplied.
  3.  There are chances of debris that’s plugging your fire pot and preventing ventilation. In this case, you may need oxygen for a fire.
  4. It might be because you’ve got a bad batch of pellets that’s full of sawdust.
  5. It may be because of a faulty probe
  6. The temperature controller of the device could be on the blink.

How to solve the issue of LEr code?

If it’s very cold outside, you can try moving your grill to someplace that’s sheltered from the cold wind, or a place that’s in full sunshine to try and compensate for the problem with temperature. LEr Code on Traeger Grill

If you want to use your Traeger pellet a lot in the winter season you can consider buying an insulation blanket. The Traeger pellet has them for many of their more popular models and it is a very good choice against the drop[ping temperature. You can even try pointing a space heater at it, but try not to bring it indoors, otherwise, you have to face suffocating on carbon monoxide.

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The final way to solve the problem is to check your “p” setting. “P” means to pause, and it indicates the length of time between pellet dumps into the firepot from the auger and if you have a Traeger pellet that’s pretty old, this setting can be manually adjusted to one of three levels. But note that new Traegers do not have this feature. LEr Code on Traeger Grill

 The problems with too high or too low temperatures in a grill are usual and the next time you notice this during the process of smoking your meat or ribs you have to follow the above guidelines. But if you see the temp fluctuations are more than 30 degrees, then you should worry and get professional help to figure out what is wrong with your Traeger grill. LEr Code on Traeger Grill

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