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Jim Iannazzo Net Worth | Salary, Bio, Wiki, family and many more


Who is Jim Iaanazzo: James Iannazzo, a former Merrill Lynch investment manager was accused of throwing beverages at employees of Robeks Smoothie Shop. Fairfield, Connecticut was the scene. James Iannazzo, a second-degree intimidation, second degree breach of peace and first-degree criminal mischief were all charged on Saturday, January 22nd 2022. Staff recorded a video, which was shared online by millions. 


Full Name Jim Iannazzo
Spouse name Pamela Iannazzo
Birth Date 15 May 1973
Age 48 years
Source of Wealth Financial advisor
Drew Barrymore husband Will Kopelman (m. 2012–2016), Tom Green (m. 2001–2002), Jeremy Thomas (m. 1994–1995)
Jim Iannazzo kids A son who was the focal point of scandal
Net Worth $ 6 Million
Nationality American


Early life

James Iannazzo (also known as Jim Iannazzo) was born in Fairfield, Connecticut on May 15, 1973. He was raised in Fairfield, Connecticut and finished all of his schooling there.

We don’t know anything about his parents or whether he has siblings. We do know that his father supports his business achievements.

The business executive has accomplished a lot over the years. Jim’s dream since childhood was to make an impact in the finance industry.

He worked hard at school and graduated in 1995 from the University of Connecticut. This young man studied at Norwalk High School before he joined the university to pursue his finance degree. He graduated in 1991.

Professional Career

His career is what makes him so skilled. He had 25 years of experience working as a financial adviser with various people and companies. Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, Smith Inc. are just a few of the people Jim worked with. Jim could also be a security agent, an investment advisor, or a general advisor. This was possible because of his License of the 66th series.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth suffered despite his position and expertise. It was the 22nd January 2022. His actions and comments were racial. The whole incident was captured by a spectator and uploaded to TikTok, where it became viral. Jim was convicted after he was brought to court for investigation.

He was then arrested for committing a hate crime. This scandalous incident is based on Jim’s request for a smoothie for his allergic son. His son was hospitalized after he ordered a smoothie with peanut butter, but he got peanut butter in his order.

James Iannazzo son

james iannazzo son was able to recover. He soon realized what he had done wrong and said that he had been watching his son suffer, and that this led him to his current behavior. The worker claimed that Jim asked specifically for a smoothie without peanut butter. He was fired. He was working as a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch at the time.

Financial services is one of the most challenging and complex industries. Because of the challenges faced by young professionals, most drop out of finance programs. Jim worked tirelessly to achieve the highest position in his field.

For 25 years, the registered financial advisor has had a successful career in this complex industry. He worked for Pierce, Merrill Lynch, Fenner & Smith Inc. Jim Iannazzo has been the Merrill Lynch managing director for many years.

The finance graduate was awarded a Series 66 license due to his wealth advisory expertise. This license allows him as both an investment advisor or a securities agent. Jim is licensed to work in the United States as an investment advisor representative. Also works with investors located in Texas and Connecticut.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth has been to many parts of the country during his career. He feels a special connection to his hometown and prefers to stay there.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth


Jim Iannazzo Net Worth  has increased over his time as Merryl Lynch’s managing director. This hardworking professional was appointed to this role in 1995 and has helped the company reach new heights with his knowledge.

James is a trusted wealth advisor and has partnered with many businesses. Jim Iannazzo Net Worth was named one of America’s top 1200 advisors by Barron’s America. Forbes recognized Iannazzo as a certified financial planner in 2021.

How much does James Iannazzo have in net worth? Salary, Earnings


James Iannazzo is an accomplished individual. He has been a successful individual despite her difficult and contentious childhood. James Iannazzo is worth approximately $2 million. He has not declared this in public.

Iannazzo was fortunate to be able to make good wages while working in various roles in the American finance department. Multiple sources claim that Jim Iannazzo Net Worth of $6 million.

Merrill Lynch recently fired the wealth consultant. While he was the company’s managing director, his monthly salary was $85,000

Merrill Lynch ended Jim’s contract on January 20, 2022. Since then, Jim’s story has been in the news. While many have criticized the company’s actions, others have supported them.

Personal Life

Online sources claim that James was born May 15, 1973 and spent his childhood in Norwalk. He is married to Pamela Iannazzo and lives in Southport, Connecticut with their three children. James graduated from Norwalk High School in 1991 and went on to graduate at the University of Connecticut in 1995. Although he was sacked for his actions, he began his career at Merill Lynch Wealth Management in the same year that he graduated.

James Iannazzo’s legal statement

In a statement, Mr. Iannazzo’s lawyer said that Mr. Iannazzo deeply regretted the events at Fairfield Robeks on January 22, 2022. According to the statement, the incident occurred when Mr. Iannazzo ordered from Robeks and stressed to staff that peanut butter was not allowed because his son suffers from a peanut allergy. After acknowledging the order, the recipient was told not to include peanut butter. Riccio, an attorney based in Bridgeport, stated that his son suffered severe allergic reactions after drinking the smoothie and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

James Iannazzo was confronted by a horrible situation and went to the store in anger and panic. He said that Mr. Iannazzo was not a racist and that he regrets the actions and words he spoke during that encounter. He is also feeling emotional pressure at the moment. Bill Haldin, a representative of Merrill Lynch and Bank of America stated that they do not condone such behavior, and would Jim Iannazzo review the matter before taking further action.


Viral video from Connecticut

James Iannazzo, a ranting teenager, makes angry accusations against the staff as if they are stupid high school students. He also hurled drinks at them, and called one of the staff members a F **** foreign losers. Fairfield police received multiple reports from employees at the 2061 Black Rock Turnpike shop about a man who was swearing and throwing objects while refusing to leave the store. The police quickly investigated the matter and found that Mr. Iannazzo had inquired about the origin of the peanut-based smoothie, which led to the son having an allergic reaction.

Iannazzo began shouting at the employees, using several expletives, when they were unable to give an explanation. According to authorities, Lannazzo started throwing drinks at one employee, with one hitting him on the right shoulder. The employees, however, did not report any discomfort or injuries. On the other hand, Mr. Lannazzo made a comment about one employee and called him an immigrant. Although Mr. Lannazzo was told to leave, he refused and continued screaming at or insulting the staff. He tried to unlock the door behind the counter, which was locked and only accessible to staff.

According to police, Mr. Lannazzo left the store before officers arrived but was finally identified during the inquiry. A TikTok user discovered that Mr. Lannazzo was the managing director at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. A 17-year old employee posted the footage. This video has been viewed over 15,000,000 times.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth

Jim has demonstrated to the American community for more than 25 years that he is an expert in his field of work. After his termination, the financial advisor no longer enjoys his earnings from the company’s success.

Jim Lannazzo had been a popular topic on many social media platforms before he was given his termination letter. The local business guru was caught throwing a drink at a smoothie shop. Jim Lannazzo was caught on camera harassing a young worker at the store. The video quickly went viral.

Lannazzo was furious because he had almost lost his son. This is why he shouted at the teenage employee. Jim tells the worker she was stupid for posting the viral video. The worker is called an ignorant high school student who didn’t know what they were doing. Robeks store video added drama to the life and success of the wealth management expert and Jim Iannazzo Net Worth.

Authorities claim that Lannazzo ordered a smoothie without peanut butter for his son, but failed to mention that he has a nut allergy. The smoothie caused an allergic reaction in him, so he took it home and went to hospital.

Lannazzo was eventually taken to the hospital and returned to the shop. Iannazzo became furious at the workers and returned to the shop to demand the identity of the person who prepared the drink.

The counter employee stated that they were not sure who prepared the drink. He was advised to contact the corporate office of the franchise to discuss his concerns.

Lannazzo refused leave after hearing this explanation. Jim refused to leave the facility due to his rude behavior. He also continued to create chaos in the smoothie shop. Jim Lannazzo continued to yell and threw his drink at the female worker standing close to him. Jim called the young lady an immigrant loser. It is clear that the wealth management advisor was angry.

He left the shop before the cops arrived. Jim Lannazzo surrendered and was taken into custody a few days later. He was also charged with intimidation based upon bigotry and second-degree breaching of peace. Jim was also charged for first-degree criminal theft. He was told by the police that he must appear before the Bridgeport Superior Court in order to answer the charges.

Jim Lannazzo attorneys have been trying to find a solution. Frank Riccio, one of the lawyers, stated that Jim Lannazzo regretted his actions. He also explained that his client was acting out of anger.

The viral video was discovered by Merrill Lynch’s top management a few days later. It reached 16 million views on TikTok. Because it didn’t want to be associated in this kind of behavior, Merrill Lynch acted quickly.

Bill Halldin, the spokesperson for the prestigious facility, stated that the organization would not tolerate Jim Iannazzo’s behavior in the viral video. Bill said that his team had already looked into the incident and taken the correct action.

Bill informed the public that Jim had resigned from Merrill Lynch and that they didn’t want to be associated with him. Haldin spoke on behalf of the wealth- and investment divisions of the bank.

Different social media platforms and organizations have responded to the news of the termination in different ways. Some people applauded the removal of the wealth management specialist from this prestigious post.

Some social media users had different opinions about the immediate termination. Although they didn’t support the actions taken by the financial executive to throw a drink at the worker they were able to understand that he was acting out of extreme anger. These individuals felt that Jim’s son was in a fragile medical condition and that Merrill Lynch’s top management acted too quickly.

Iannazzo has not been silent on the matter. Jim released a statement to media outlets across the country and said that he regretted his actions at Robek. Jim admits that he made mistakes and regrets everything that happened. The actions taken at the store were not reflective of the character and value of the wealthy wealth expert.


Iannazzo was so upset that he lost all control of his body when he ran into the store. Jim Iannazzo stated to authorities that he went back to Robeks smoothie shop to check out the ingredients for the drink he purchased earlier in the day.

Iannazzo was unable to get the answers he needed and lost his temper. The certified professional observed that his son was in terrible condition and was heading to hospital. His son collapsed while enjoying his drink due to anaphylactic shock.


Jim realized immediately that the smoothie contained nut products because of his reaction. Jim’s son lost his ability to breathe. Everyone knew something was wrong when his lips and face began to swell quickly.

Although his parents gave him an EpiPen shot to help with his condition, he did not feel any improvement. Jim called 911 to report that the situation was out of control. The boy then went to the toilet to vomit while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

He fell to the ground unconscious while throwing up. james iannazzo wife, Mary, decided to give her son another chance while the doctors were still on the way. The medics were able to save the young man, thanks to their quick response. James iannazzo wife for their help and thanked the medical professionals who helped him through this difficult time.

He felt that he had behaved just like any parent would if their child was suffering from similar allergies. Jim stated that he was out-of-mind and worried about his son’s safety on his journey to Robek. The business guru regrets the actions he took at the facility but wishes the workers had been more careful in preparing the drink he ordered that day.

Jim personally apologized to Robeks entire staff. He also offered his apologies to the employees at the facility within the Jim Iannazzo Net Worth. Fairfield Police also made a statement regarding Saturday’s activities.

The police stated that Robek workers had received numerous calls reporting on a customer shouting, throwing objects, and refusing to leave the premises. The police further investigated the matter and discovered that Jim Iannazzo had called 911 several times asking for assistance at Jim Iannazzo house. Jim Iannazzo Net Worth

Jim informed emergency personnel that his son had suffered from severe allergic reactions. The team quickly responded and the child was taken to the nearest hospital.

Jim Iannazzo Net Worth – FAQ’s

When it comes to choosing the best financial advisor company, it is important to consider a variety of factors. It is essential to find an advisor who understands your goals and can provide personalized services tailored to your particular needs.

Wealth management companies provide a range of services to help you manage your finances, such as portfolio management, retirement planning, tax advice and more. They can help you build a secure financial future and maximize your investments.

Merrill Lynch advisors are compensated for their services in a variety of ways. They earn fees based on their clients’ investments, as well as commissions when they purchase or sell securities. In addition, some advisors may be eligible for bonuses and other performance-based incentives and Jim Iannazzo Net Worth.

He currently serves as an advisor to several tech startups and works in the venture capital industry and Jim Iannazzo Net Worth. His past work experience includes a wide range of roles from project management to product development teams.

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