It’s not true, Ron DeSantis Is Not In a bid to Ban Black History | Opinion

Wre we go again. When Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis signed the Stop WOKE Act into law this year, those on the left had an euphoric collective. Members of the Progressive Party and the chattering class shouted like banshees over how the law was aimed at removing Black history out of schools. They accused him of trying to hide the grotesque aspects that comprise American history, particularly its discrimination against Black Americans.

They are looking for their pearl necklaces, following reports have revealed that Florida’s Department of Education’s Office (FDOE) of Articulation wrote in response to College Board explaining that its new Advanced Placement course for high school students in African American studies is “inexplicably against Florida law, and is significantly deficient in the educational value.”

It's not true, Ron DeSantis Is Not In a bid to Ban Black History | Opinion

“In the future, should the College Board be willing to bring back the discussion with legally-valid and historically correct information, FDOE will always be willing to revisit the conversation,” the letter said.

The College Board is the nonprofit institution that oversees AP course work and also runs the SAT test as well as the AP program. The year before, the College Board launched the pilot program for the AP African-American Studies (APAAS) course. It will be taught in 60 schools across the country for the school year 2022-2023. The intention was to have the course to all schools during the 2024-2025 school year.

If DeSantis gets his way, the curriculum will not be taught in any school in Florida. The administration of DeSantis has adopted the position that the curriculum does not comply with lawful requirements of the Stop WOKE Act, which restricts the teaching of concepts based on the critical race theory (CRT) in classrooms for K-12 students.

It is important to know it is it is important to note that the College Board has been quite private about the content of the course, and has refused to make public the APAAS curriculum, nor any of the sixty colleges where it’s offered according to Stanley Kurtz over at The National Review reported. Kurtz was the first to write about the course being deemed unsuitable by Florida however, was able to get an APAAS copy. The copy revealed a class that has a distinctly socialist political inclination; it advocates the destruction of capitalism.

“The subject descriptions are neutral, however the readings mostly contain Neo-Marxist agitation, pledging the socialist revolution in America and influenced from African Americans and infused with their distinctive style of life,” Kurtz writes.

The course has been written by range of notable Black social activists, so this isn’t a surprise. It also includes writings of Kimberle Crenshaw as well as Patricia Hill Collins, noted supporters in the field of Critical Race Theory which wouldn’t be an issue if the course also offered views from a liberal classical perspective. However, it is not.

The unidirectional approach makes it obvious it is more of indoctrination of the political rather than teaching historical fact.

But prominent Leftists have been arguing with DeSantis about the latest development, alleging that the governor wants to remove Black history. Florida State Sen. Shevrin Jones tweeted she was aware that Sunshine State provides additional cultural AP courses , and then slammed the governor for his decision.

“This radicalism in politics and its assault on Black History or Black people, is set create a whole generation of Black youngsters who will not be in a position to see themselves in their own school or their own community,” she wrote.

In an article for Rolling Stone, writer Nikki McCann Ramirez argued that DeSantis has “centered his administration on the governance of culture conflict grievances” which is “reshaping Florida education in the image of the far-right.”

Ramirez isn’t wrong in DeSantis’s focus upon the war on culture in order to promote his agenda. However, the idea that he’s attempting to attack Black culture and trying to promote “far left” educational reform in Florida by implementing Stop WOKE Act Stop WOKE Act is absurd in its own right.


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