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How to set a Tide Clock

How to set a Tide Clock

Learn the ways how to set a tide clock or ocean clock in a very easy-to-follow manner by following the steps described below.

To accurately describe the tide at any given location, it is necessary to take into account several factors because the tide action is extremely complicated. The calculations required to create the official Tide Tables are typically carried out by a computer. Although the digital tide clock does not claim to provide you with the exact time of the tides at any given location, it will provide you with the average tide state, which is sufficient for the majority of users. Learn how to set a tide clock.

How to set the Tidal Clock

  1. The knob to set the regular clock hands (small plastic wheel on the right) and the knob to set the tide indicator hand (large wheel right at the bottom of the clock movement) are located at the back of the movement.
  2. When the next high tide in your area occurs, the tide indicator hand should be set to high tide. When the moon is full or new, it is best to set the tide hand at high tide. We recommend checking the tide hand reading at the next full or new moon if this is not possible. Adjust the tide hand using the wheel if it is not indicating high tide at that time. From time to time, you might need to make some more changes.

How do tide clocks work

How to set a Tide Clock
How to set a Tide Clock

Only AA alkaline batteries will work with this clock; heavy-duty AA batteries are not recommended. Change the time to your area’s time. The next high tide in your area can be found by searching for it on Google or by reading the local newspaper.

.When you have this information, turn the clock clockwise to the next high tide time, whether it is in the morning or the evening, Move the tide clock hand to high tide after you have done that.

When this is done, turn the wind clock counterclockwise to the correct time, either AM or PM. Congratulations! You are now prepared to go surfing or fishing. If you find this information difficult to follow, search for “Time regulation” on YouTube. Your clock is set at the factory for a deviation of approximately one minute per year at a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Please be aware that fluctuations in high temperatures may also affect accuracy.

With the same battery, your clock should run for about a year. Always check the battery if the clock stops or starts to lose time. To avoid potential corrosion damage, the battery needs to be changed within two years.

Your Tidal Clock movement has four hands: the regular hour, minute, and second hand, which tells you the regular time of day, the tidal hand, which runs 50 minutes late every 24 hours and shows the average times of the tides at a given point. 

How to reset a tide clock

The purpose of a tide clock is to give you; a brief indication of how many hours remain until high tide or low tide for the user. The CM4305 ClimeMET Tide Clock is the most popular tide indicator that Metcheck offers. Teaching beach safety or planning a day on the high seas can both benefit from using a tide clock.

ClimeMET tide clocks are weatherproof and can be mounted indoors or outdoors, making them easy to set. Place your tide gauge where it won’t be disturbed, whether it’s inside or outside. Mount away from direct sunlight at all times.

How to set a Tide Clock
How to set a Tide Clock
  1. Check the BBC Tide Tables to determine the time of high tide in your area.
  2. Set the clock so that the hand is pointing straight up at exactly high tide. By turning the small wheel at the back of the movement, you can adjust the hand.

WARNING: Don’t push on the hand because doing so will hurt the movement.

  1. Set or re-set the tide clock on the day of a full moon for the best accuracy throughout the month. The Moon Phase Calendar at can be used to locate full moon dates.
By Helen E. Blake

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