How to Hide Razor Under the Tongue

Learn how many individuals have known about the stunt where one can hide a Razor in mouth and afterward shock somebody by hauling it out of the mouth.

 Well, a razor blade under the tongue is something that looks movie thing, somebody putting Razor in the mouth is still a question as it is extremely dangerous. Our mouth is sensitive as there are so many nerves there which can be easily hurt if we try to hide razors under our tongue, but we often see this trick in magic shows also, and like me if you are also interested to know how to do this then follow this article.

In any case, how precisely does one pull this off? It’s very simple and easy when one knows how to do this trick by following the steps below on how to hide the razor under the tongue.

Required Tools for “How to hide razor under the tongue”

I will expect you as of now have a razor, presently all you want is a couple of things in your kitchen that you should most likely not swallow. Here are a few decent up-and-comers: Gum (or a substitute) Chocolate Toothpaste Small spoon Lollipop Ice Cube Some other little things will do, yet these are what I would utilize. I for one suggest utilizing ice for training. It very well may be a piece more straightforward for we who don’t have enchantment mouths! A razor and seasoned gum.  For instance, cinnamon. Or on the other hand anything with a sharp fragrance or flavor (like anise). Be that as it may, cinnamon is ideal. The most awful thing you can do is simply bite on directly up menthols or peppermint gum (however it will presumably still work). This stunt was first utilized by road performers during the dark plague Europe to play games after they had been restricted by authorities.

How to hide razor under the tongue
How to hide razor under the tongue

They required a method for concealing their cards so they could cheat without getting found out. They figured out that when they bit on particular sorts of gums while playing a card game, it seemed like their mouth was brimming with cards. So in the event that you were watching them intently, you were unable to let them know if there were any cards in their mouth or not on the grounds that everything looked like cards.

How Might You Hide Razor Under Tongue?


  •                     Ensure that the Razor Blade needs to be flat.
  •                     Blade must be facing sides backward and the head side.
  •                     Verify also that the non-razor sides are sides towards.
  •                     At the time of cautiously inserting the blade in the mouth, then simply clasps the side which is non-razor tightly in between the teeth as the sharp sides of the razor must be facing the back and forward.
  •                     Holding the tongue under the razor, as so, it will not come in contact (tongue) with the razor to avoid the risk of a picture.

Step 1) Razor blades (Buy the cheap ones)


To do the trick, you’ll have to get your hands on razor blades. Simply go to any neighborhood store that sells them and buy a couple of packs. With them, you can undoubtedly make a weapon that is similarly essential as successful as those utilized by experts. Be cautioned, however utilizing counterfeit weapons to hurt somebody is unlawful. Ensure you know how to utilize these weapons appropriately prior to endeavoring anything like this, in actuality! This data ought to be considered for amusement purposes as it were. Assuming you decide to finish it, you proceed notwithstanding the obvious danger.

How to hide razor under the tongue
How to hide razor under the tongue

Today I need to discuss concealing extremely sharp steel in your mouth without getting found out. Presently on the off chance that an officer sees that they will expect one of two things: possibly they will believe that you have some kind of sickness or contamination or they will feel that you are concealing something different within your mouth. Both of these presumptions can lead to a ton of issues for you so you should know how to appropriately hide razors.

I’m certain the vast majority perusing this know-how to conceal a weapon in their possession yet what many individuals don’t understand is that there are a lot of different spots where somebody can conceal little items like weapons, drugs, and so on the best way to hide razor under the tongue.

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Step 2) with the paper clips

Paper clips are a fundamental piece of life, and you can utilize them to assist with hiding the razor in your mouth. While you may not be taking a stroll waiting for capital punishment, keep a paper clasp or two in your pocket for good measure. It will prove to be useful one day when you want to slip something sharp into jail. Furthermore, on the off chance that you will invest energy in jail, it should be worth the effort. All things considered, what’s the worst that could happen? Make certain to put the paper cut straight over your front teeth with the goal that it supports the weight

. Then, at that point, essentially open up your mouth wide enough so nobody sees what’s going on and allow gravity to the thing. The more adaptable you are with opening up wide, clearly, the good you’ll be. Furthermore, yes: This works! It’s shockingly simple to get a razor to hide inside your mouth without anybody taking note.


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