How To Get Rid Of Mayflies (Complete Guide) – 2022

Are you suffering from the infestation or problem of mayflies in your home, then search for “How to get rid of mayflies” in the article below.

What is a mayfly?

How to get rid of mayflies
How to get rid of mayflies

Regardless of their name, mayflies are not really flies. Here and there called shad-flies and lake flies, they are amphibian bugs and are a significant food hotspot for fish and reptiles. These bugs get their name from their normal development during the period of May; however they can arise prior or later relying upon the species and ecological circumstances. Mayflies are known for their a few tails that are much of the time longer than their bodies. Here we will learn on how to get rid of Mayflies in this article in full detail.

What do mayflies resemble?

Mayflies are slim, stretched bugs with receiving wires, two sets of wings and six legs. Moreover, they can have a few tails, which are normally longer than their body. There are numerous species, with some however little as 1 mm extended period of time others may depend on 30 mm long. Their variety can differ, however they as a rule have dim, dull-shaded bodies and pale wings, normally yellow, dim or try and clear. These oceanic bugs will keep their wings intact over their body while resting.

How to get rid of mayflies

While there is minimal that should be possible to forestall mayflies by and large, there are steps that can be taken to limit the seriousness of the numbers around the home. Mortgage holders ought to supplant mercury-fume lights with high-pressure sodium fume lights, while white brilliant bright light bulbs ought to be supplanted with yellow bulbs. It’s likewise best to guarantee all entryway and widows are appropriately screened and gotten, and to seal openings and breaks that could allow mayfly section into the home.

How to get rid of mayflies
How to get rid of mayflies

Prior to continuing with treatment, you want to know the regions that are drawing in Mayflies. You’re doubtlessly encountering an invasion on the grounds that your house is near a waterway and they were drawn in by the lights of your design around evening time.

During the investigation, you will be searching for favorable circumstances that draw in Mayflies.


While mayflies like to essentially stay close by waterways, they can be tracked down in different regions. Mayflies are extremely drawn to light which can bring about enormous multitudes of mayflies staying nearby structures around evening time. In the mornings, heaps of dead Mayflies can be found underneath lights and windows. In regions that see huge multitudes, Mayflies could influence driving circumstances and perceivability.

Standing water will draw in Mayflies when they hatch, which they should store their eggs, and lights around evening time will likewise draw in them.

Scan in your yard for any abundance dampness, or standing water. In the case, that you have a pool, search there. Outside your property thoroughly search in open air lighting, in front entryways, yards, decks, and anyplace where there are lights that are turned on around evening time.

What To Search For

You’re searching for outside lights and overabundance dampness. In the case, that you have a pool, make a point to keep it covered, particularly during the months when they hatch. Likewise check out any open air lighting for indications of Mayflies.

Assuming you have found any abundance dampness (other than pools, lakes, or huge waterways) or areas in the house where lights enlighten, particularly around evening time, this is where we will apply treatment. Make certain to take out standing water and abundance dampness prior to continuing on with treatment.


Whenever you have affirmed helpful circumstances that draw in Mayflies, the time has come to start treatment. Make sure to initially peruse all item names and adhere to the application guidelines on these marks, and remain protected by wearing individual defensive gear.

To effectively get Mayflies far from your property, utilize Incomparable IT Insect poison to make an insect spray hindrance.

Stage 1 – Open air Treatment with Incomparable IT

Incomparable IT is a powerful insect spray concentrate that will target more than 70+ bugs and will be utilized to make an insecticidal hindrance around your property that will repulse or kill Mayflies and different nuisances assuming they come into contact with the treated regions. Preeminent IT has astounding lingering control, staying viable for as long as 90 days.

Decide the amount Preeminent IT you should blend in your sprayer by estimating the area of your yard and property (measure and compute length x width). 1 ounce of Preeminent IT with a gallon of water will treat 1,000 square feet.

You will then do a border treatment by showering 3 feet up and 3 feet out from the underpinning of your design and outside edge of your construction. While splashing thusly, you will likewise shower entryway outlines, window outlines, roof, soffits, and electrical/plumbing infiltrations. Likewise try to splash around light installations as it is a typical place where Mayflies gather.

Try not to let individuals or pets enter regions treated until 2 to 4 hours have passed.

How to get rid of mayflies
How to get rid of mayflies

Prevention is the best fix with regards to Mayflies overrunning your property. There are numerous things you can do around your construction to forestall Mayflies yet the most ideal way to control them is during the months when they hatch and are dynamic, keep all outside lights switched off, and to obstruct light inside, with drapes or shades. In the event that you might not switch out open air lights at any point consider changing to yellow bug lights.

Likewise, give a valiant effort to dispense with waterways around your property. Obviously, in the event that you live close to a lake this is unthinkable, however assuming you have a pool in your home, take care to cover it during the months when they hatch, as the Mayflies will be searching for waterways to lay their eggs.

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Lastly, splash Preeminent IT a month ahead of time before the Mayflies are supposed to incubate, to have your home safeguarded before they show up. Mayflies are out in full power in May (subsequently their name), so direct an application toward the beginning of April.


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