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How Much Does a Greenhouse Cost to Build?

greenhouse prices

Greenhouse prices near about $40,000. A greenhouse is one method for developing your plants throughout the entire year for food since it helps shield them from the elements while permitting daylight to stream in and warm the inside. Your greenhouse prices can change contingent upon the size, material, location, and the sort you choose, however, most greenhouses have a strong frame that you cover with a reasonable material.

 Your greenhouse costs can rapidly begin to climb on the off chance that you need a bigger or move top to bottom arrangement, however, you have some control over them rather effectively and change it as you go to remain affordable for you. Your commercial greenhouse cost per sq. ft. range begins at $5,000 and goes up to $35,000 (10000 sq ft greenhouse cost)

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Greenhouse Cost by Style

greenhouse prices

Greenhouse price directly depends on Style. In a perfect world, your greenhouse will want to use light successfully for your location. Likewise, if you live in a space that regularly gets weighty snowfall, you’ll need a greenhouse that can endure the additional weight. You can get total greenhouse units to work without any preparation, yet you’ll have restricted styles. The most famous decisions are:


To construct this style, your greenhouse costs will go from $25.00 to $35.00 a square foot. It gives the greenhouse the state of the letter A.


This style of greenhouse beginnings at $25.00 a square foot and goes up to $35.00 a square foot. They’re a #1 in regions where it gets extremely sweltering and sticky throughout the late spring or lasting through the year since they accompany ground-level vents to further develop the air dissemination and keep the plants cool.


Dome or geodesic greenhouses are somewhat more cost-successful at $10.00 to $25.00 a square foot. You’ll get a round greenhouse that includes a domed top. The domed rooftop is great for catching intensity and light. It additionally gives you significantly more inside space to move around without taking up as much width or length.

Gothic Arch

Per square foot, your typical greenhouse cost for this style will go from $10.00 to $15.00. This greenhouse purposes a loop plan with a crescent frame joined. It quite often has aroused pipe on the frame.


Loop-style greenhouses accompany a marginally lower greenhouse cost at $5.00 to $10.00 a square foot. You’ll utilize a progression of half circles that you cover the finishes into the ground. Then, you’ll cover the bands with a plastic sheet to assist with controlling your costs.


By and large, your greenhouse cost will vacillate somewhere in the range of $10.00 and $25.00 a square foot for this style. It’ll impart a wall to a carport, shed, or house. It tends to be challenging to direct the temperature in this style of greenhouse in light of the fact that the wall retains intensity to cause the greenhouse to lose heat. You maintain that this should be a south-bound structure.


You’ll pay somewhere in the range of $20.00 and $25.00 per square foot for this style of greenhouse cost, and you fabricate it by digging an opening in the soil and building your greenhouse rooftop over the opening. It has an early floor that will keep a 50°F temperature lasting through the year. It can remain around 10°F hotter through the unexpected seasons in comparison to your typical greenhouse.

Post and Crossbeam

This greenhouse cost goes from $25.00 to $35.00 a square foot, and it’s a traditional-style greenhouse with a peak rooftop.


Roof nurseries or greenhouses are more normal on business structures than private structures since they require a level rooftop. This assists you with saving on material costs, and your greenhouse cost will go from $10.00 to $25.00 a square foot.


Your greenhouse cost for a sawtooth style per square foot will go from $25.00 to $35.00 a square foot. It utilizes a circle frame with one straight segment that will reach out vertical on one side. This is where the ventilation framework goes to assist you with controlling the inside temperature.


This style has the most elevated greenhouse costs at $35.00 to $45.00 a square foot. In the event that you can add an air conditioning framework, protection, and water, you’ll wind up on the higher end of the cost range. The construction points toward the south, and you’ll maintain that a strong north wall should assist with controlling the temperature while lending solidarity to the design.

Glazing in Greenhouse Prices

Greenhouse prices depend on Glazing prices. Glazing is the material that covers the greenhouse and permits daylight into the design while giving security to the plants. Glazing helps control the humidity and temperature, and the sort you’ll need relies upon the harvests you develop and the location.

Layered Fiberglass

These boards can expand your greenhouse cost by $1.00 to $2.00 a square foot. They’re bigger boards that can conceal up to 16-square feet all at once, and they’re typically two-sided. There is some space among them, and this works for your protection. They can be ventilated or fixed, and this works in numerous greenhouse styles.

Greenhouse Glass

Greenhouse glass can work in sunrooms as well, and your typical greenhouse costs will increment by $2.50 to $3.50 a square foot with this pick. You can browse a solitary or double sheet configuration, yet they’re simpler to break and more delicate. It won’t keep going as long as different materials, however, it will give you the most striking look. It offers perfectly clear lucidity to assist with supporting your home’s control request.


Your typical greenhouse cost for polycarbonate goes from $1.50 to $3.00 a square foot. It’s the most well-known glazing type being used, and it’s sturdy, thick, and can protect utilizing an air layer.

Polyethylene Cover

You can use it for a gothic arch, band, domed, pit, or other round greenhouse styles. It’s not difficult to introduce, and you can ventilate by moving it up. You will end up supplanting it all the more frequently because of tears.

Frame Material and Greenhouse Costs

Furthermore, Greenhouse Prices increase with increase in Frame Material.


Per square foot, aluminum will add to your greenhouse costs by $1.00 to $2.00. It’s actually lightweight and more flexible than PVC. This permits you to involve it in additional plans, and you can utilize it with plastic boards, glass boards, and plastic sheeting.


This sort of outlining will save you the most on your greenhouse costs since it costs somewhere in the range of $0.50 and $2.00 a square foot. It’s a pleasant pick for band style greenhouses or on the other hand if your greenhouse is more modest. It’s not difficult to move and is lightweight, and it’s an incredible pick on the off chance that you need a Do-It-Yourself greenhouse or you’re on a limited budget.


Per square foot, steel will expand your greenhouse cost by $2.50 to $3.00. You can frame it into various styles and shapes, yet you need to choose aroused steel for the frame since it holds facing muggy establishing zones than different decisions.


Wood outlining will build your greenhouse costs by $1.00 to $2.00 a direct foot. It’s rare in light of the fact that it doesn’t hold up well against humidity.

Establishment and Ground surface Costs

Your greenhouse may not require an establishment, and you can fabricate some style greenhouses directly over a nursery bed. Be that as it may, certain individuals like to have a story or establishment under the greenhouse to make it more steady. Per cubic yard, a substantial piece will expand your greenhouse costs by $90.00 to $100. Deck pavers cost around $1.00 a square foot, and rock will cost around $25.00 a square foot.

Door Prices

Contingent upon the environment and greenhouse itself, you have a few door choices, including:

Single Hung Door/Polycarbonate – $600 to $800

Single Sliding Door/Polycarbonate – $600 to $800

Single Hung Door/Glass – $650 to $900

Single Sliding Door/Glass – $650 to $900

Protected Roll-Up – $700 to $1,000

Double Hung Doors/Polycarbonate – $900 to $1,200

Double Sliding Doors/Polycarbonate – $900 to $1,200

Double Hung Doors/Glass – $1,000 to $1,500

Double Sliding Doors/Glass – $1,00 to $1,500

Work Costs

If you have any desire to enlist a project worker to fabricate the greenhouse, you’ll pay somewhere in the range of $50.00 and $100 an hour for work to frame the greenhouse and apply the glazing. At long last, an electrical expert can run a line for lights at $40.00 to $100 for 60 minutes.

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