GTA Online players pay tribute to Ken Block by recreating his Ford Mustang

Grand Theft Auto Online players pay tribute to the legend of YouTube celebrity Ken Block who has sadly died aged 55. Block was injured in a snowmobile collision close to his ranch in the Mill Hollow area of Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest in Utah. The vehicle flipped over upon a steep slope which left Block suffering fatal wounds. Block was declared dead on the spot as per local authorities.

As previously reported in VG247 GTA Online players are now re-creating the iconic Block Mustang during the course in order to pay homage to the iconic car. Because of design limitations it isn’t possible to create a exact replica of the car, however they have captured the distinctive features of the car such as the black color of the body to the yellow and green decals. Check out an example made by user Mathiasxd148.

Ken Block maintained a strong presence in the gaming industry. The legendary rally driver appeared as a character in Colin McRae: Dirt 2 3 and Dirt 3 and the 2015’s Need for Speed as well as several Hoonigan-branded cars were as part of Dirt: Showdown and several Forza games. Fans have taken to Reddit to express their sorrow.

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User Extyrsys on Reddit wrote, “I found out through this blog post. I’m not sure what to do. My driving inspiration and the reason that I became into motorsports and cars. Thanks to his influence, rally was my favorite motorsport. I’m sorry.” The Adorable Statictician said, “Totally sucks. I enjoyed watching his as well as his and the Hoonigans videos. RIP.”

The news broke, Hoonigan Racing Division released a statement saying, “It’s with our sincerest condolences that I verify the fact that Ken Block passed away in an accident with a snowmobile today. Ken was an inspiration, a pioneer and a legend, and the most important thing was an incredibly loving husband and father. He will be deeply loved.” GAMINGbible extends its condolences for Ken’s friends and family.





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