Five-Year-old hospitalized after freak sideline incident in Argentina

Five-Year-old hospitalized after freak sideline incident in Argentina, A five-year-old has been left hospitalized after he was unintentionally squashed by two players as he watched a rugby match in Argentina. The incident occurred during an installation between Atletico Y Progreso and Monte Grande Rugby Club and the fierce crash was gotten on camera and has since turned into a web sensation on TikTok.

The youngster’s leg was seriously broken and he was left in a whole leg cast because of the freak mishap at the game which was played generally 50km south of the Argentinian capital. The film shows the kid was evened out by two players as one of the players endeavored a last-ditch tackle as the other sped towards the attempted line. The hit drove the attacking player into contact, with the two 90kg players taking the kid with him. freak sideline incident.

freak sideline incident
freak sideline incident

Players raced to the guide of the kid following they understood that he had been up to speed in the tackle. The kid – the child of one of the mentors – was returning from the latrine when it worked out and subsequently wasn’t being watched. freak sideline incident.

“It was sad. One player handles another and they take the youngster with them. It isn’t whenever a mishap first as this has occurred.” said the Director of Monte Grande Rugby Club, ‘Cococho’ Alvarez. It makes for shocking viewing, not least since rugby fans are more used to seeing cameramen sporadically cleared out by players, rather than small kids. freak sideline incident.


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