Florida voters are in a state of confusion about who is eligible to vote

This November’s elections are only days away and in Florida there is some confusion about who’s eligible to vote.

The state detained nearly two dozen felons in the summer, and they were charged with voter fraud.

Cristian Benavides spoke to one of the suspects, who was in court this morning.

Ronald Miller faced a Florida judge, who requested that she dismiss any charges.

This Florida resident was detained in August, and was accused of fraud in the voting process. “I went to the front door and assault rifles were in my face”Come out! Come out, for something?” he said. “I did vote, but I didn’t cheat. I followed every rule in the rules.”

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Miller was registered to vote following being approached by a voter at a store. He was sent a registration form by mail and was able to vote in 2020, but since he was an indictment murderer and was not eligible to vote.

He was detained a few just days after the state police visited the Miami home and identified the infraction.

“Did you also cast a vote in the same election?”

“Yes I’m a law-abiding citizen. Do you know what I’m saying? I’m not a troublemaker. I have changed my life.” Miller said.

Florida voters are in a state of confusion about who is eligible to vote

The arrest occurred following the announcement by the governor. Ron DeSantis launched a crackdown on fraud in the voting process.

“He was given a voter’s identification card, so that he could vote. It’s as easy as that. My view is that the state wants to create a fearful effect on the people who plan for a vote.” lawyer Robert Barrar.

Miller is one of the 20 former felons who were arrested during the Florida crackdown. Bodycam footage showed confusion among both the police and voters. The case has been dismissed, and Miller hopes to get the same result when he is next in December. The court’s concern – if he had one – was about what prompted him to be granted the right to vote and also why he was blamed for his mistake.


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