Father and Son Linked to Murders of Muslims in New Mexico

The police department believes that the Father and son are linked to the murders of Muslims in New Mexico which has shaken the whole Muslim community in the city.

Police accept the Father and son murders in New Mexico as the son of the suspect in the killings of four Muslim men might play had an impact on the homicides, the same has shaken the community of Muslims in New Mexico’s biggest city. Cell phone information shows Shaken Syed, 21, was in something similar area of Albuquerque whereas his father at the hour of the 5th August when the killing of 25-year-old shipping/trucking business person Naeem Hussain was filed which was as indicated by a documenting by federal prosecutors for the detention on Monday hearing in which Syed bail was denied. Syed’s lawyer John Anderson said the claims were extremely thin as well as speculative.

Father and son linked to murders of Muslims in New Mexico

Father and son murders in New Mexico-Father and son murders in New Mexico-
Father and son murders in New Mexico-

Last week, the Police charged the father of Shaken Syed, Muhammad Syed, who is 51, with two of the homicides and connected the four killings to individual personal grudges, conceivably filled by intra-Muslim partisan disdain. Shaken Syed was captured last week on federal gun charges for giving a bogus location/address.

Cops likewise have as of late found proof that seems to tie the litigant, Shaken Syed, to the killings, as mentioned in the filling. The federals believe that Shaken Syed noticed Naeem Hussain leaving a 5th Aug. funeral service for two of the killed Muslim men, because of FBI examination of cell tower information. He then followed Hussain to the region of parking where Hussain was shot dead.

Calls between Muhammad Atif Syed and the Shaken Syed would be predictable with speedy reconnaissance calls, after or before the shooting as written in the filling. Prosecutors didn’t give proof of different shootings. Imtiaz Hussain said he accepted no less than two individuals were engaged in the 1st August murder of his sibling Muhammad Afzaal Hussain. A gun and rifle were utilized to fire Afzaal Hussain, who was a city planning director, multiple times in around 15 to 20 seconds, as per police records and as stated by Imtiaz.

Imtiaz said that for one suspect it is hard to involve two weapons in that short a stretch. The casualties of Naeem Hussain and Afzaal Hussain were not related.

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Muhammad Syed, an Afghan outcast, has been accused of killing Afzaal Hussain, who was from Pakistan, and the manager of cafe Aftab Hussein, who was 41, who had connections to Afghanistan and Pakistan. A fourth man, grocery store proprietor Mohammad Ahmadi, was 62 and was shot dead on 7th November 2021. Police officials said that these individuals were with the prosecutors on possible charges of Naeem Hussain and Ahmadi murders in New Mexico crime.


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