Fans Rally Around the Blue Bloods Star Donnie Wahlberg After He Posts Poignant Instagram

The 2010 Amazon Prime Video show ‘Blue Bloods’ star Donnie Wahlberg has been in the news lately for all strange reasons. While the fans are awaiting what the new year brings for them, the recent post by the actor has led to different circumstances. 

Blue Bloods Star Donnie Wahlberg
Blue Bloods Star Donnie Wahlberg

With the onset of 2022, every actor and other professional has been posting about the goodness that surrounds this time of the year. Some are wishing a very happy new year and others are simply sharing resolutions. Apart from that, several actors are also posting about their journey till now and the nostalgia that it brings to them. Similarly, Donnie Wahlberg took over the social media platform ‘Instagram’ to share his feelings for the same reasons. 


He stated how he misses each and every single blockhead out there and wishes them goodness. He also stated that all the blockheads are in his prayers and he is wishing the best for them in the new year. This caption was framed and posted along with the actor’s picture in which he is looking towards the sun with a lot of hope. Another set of words includes a good amount of positive hashtags. 

Fans say this post has been very emotional and they are currently reaching back with the same amount of love and energy. Some of them are wishing for healing while others are wishing happiness to the star. Comments stating how much they are missing the star and how much they love him flooded the post. Due to the pandemic, several actors took their Instagram down for a while and Donnie was also one of them. Some entertainers are yet to come online even now. 

The pandemic has affected many people majorly and there seems to be no end to it sometimes. But posts like these bring hope and healing to several people at once. Donnie chooses to maintain good energy from now onwards as per the post. He keeps spreading positivity through his various handles on different platforms and fans are being very cooperative in return. 

Overall, the members of NKOTB are hoping for a good future as well. But many members are not online currently. Fans are waiting for them as well and showing support everywhere possible. Donnie’s current post might encourage other members and teams in the coming future. Let us hope that we get to witness good energy in the coming times across the world.