Eagle Eye on Education: We are truly connected by community partnerships

Eagle Eye on Education: We are truly connected by community partnerships.

New Albany-Plain Local Schools are grateful to a community that supports and believes in the core purpose of their schools, “to create a culture that fosters accountability and achieves the best academic outcomes and developmental outcomes for every student.”

This focus allows everyone in the school district to place students first and implement continuous improvement measures that improve student achievement, growth, and well-being.

New Albany is one of many successful communities that support student achievement in numerous ways. Our school district is at the heart of our community. Its success directly impacts our quality of life, as well as the economic impact on retaining and attracting businesses and residents.

Parents, Plain Township, New Albany Co. and the New Albany Community Foundation champion the more than 5,000 students we care for. Our community is strong and provides life-changing opportunities for our students.

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Every school, including ours has a fiduciary obligation to run efficiently and effectively. Ohio’s school funding system is still unconstitutional. It also relies too heavily on property taxes.

Our school district’s financial outlook has been strong due to sound fiscal management and focused direction. Although it has been more than a decade since new operational funds were successfully levied, academic achievement continues to improve.

The 1.75-mil permanent-improvements renewal levy that the voters approved this past November, combined with general revenue funds, will allow us to continue to repair and, when necessary, replace capital assets throughout our school campus during the next five years without any net tax increase to our taxpayers.

To be prepared for 2023, we must do our best to prepare. To help us navigate the future, the school district has partnered with the New Albany Co. and the city of New Albany. They have contracted with Cooperative Strategies, an international firm with Dublin expertise, to do a “student poten” analysis and a ‘capacity and use analysis.

Eagle Eye on Education: We are truly connected by community partnerships

Cooperative Strategies will examine all data and information available at the state and local levels, and electronically map our student population. They will also create subdivision analyses and analyze future land use.

Cooperative Strategies will simultaneously conduct a capacity analysis on existing school facilities in order to determine if the existing space can be used efficiently. These analyses will be published in a comprehensive report that will be shared publicly with the school board and City Council as well as our partners and the wider community before the end of the school year.

The school district is grateful to the New Albany Co., its elected officials, staff, and staff for their cooperation to integrate their future planning into our school district’s future needs and possibilities.

This is crucial to our ability to meet the academic and development needs of our students. We are truly connected by our community partnerships.


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