Donald Trump launches his bid as president as an underdog

Donald Trump launches his bid as president as an underdog – It’s officially announced: Donald Trump is running for the presidency of the United States in 2024. The former president announced the news the night before in an hour-long address at his home in Mar-a-Lago and kicked off what’s likely to be a tense election for the Republican nomination.

The speech wasn’t exactly captivating however, and Trump was able to spend the majority of the time repeating themes he’s been insisting on for the last six years. It was possible that what was strange or even subversive the moment the announcement of his 2016 campaign this time around felt a bit stale. However, the announcement can provide a glimpse of the type of campaign Trump will run and, in particular the three-part message that he’s hoping to bring towards Trump’s White House.

The main point of this statement is Trump has made America excellent in his time as president. In the first 5 minutes or so of the speech Trump declared his claim that “two two years ago before I left the presidency when I left office, America was ready for the golden age.” The United States stood ready for its golden age.

The nation was at the top of power, prosperity , and image, edging out any of its competitors, overcoming any enemies, and advancing into the future, confident and strong.” Trump wasn’t shy in stating that the prosperity was because of his leadership on any issue that could be imaginable that includes the economy and health independence from energy sources, pandemics the competition with China as well as tax cuts Islamic terror and immigration.

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The other part of his message is that Joe Biden and the radical Left have destroyed America. Trump painted a horrifying depiction of America as a nation that is suffused with violence and apathy as he lamented “the blood-splattered streets of our once-grand cities” and claiming that “our country is under attack” with illegal migrants and the fact that “under Biden and the radical Democrats, America has been denigrated, mocked and beaten to the ground.”

Donald Trump launches his bid as president

As Trump is story his story, all of America’s problems — from rising inflation as well as violent crime, unlawful immigration, to Ukraine conflict, the price of gas and America’s sagging on the international scene are on the shoulders of Biden as well as Biden and the Democratic Party.

The last part of his message is that he’s running for president in order to reverse the destruction the Democrats have created and that he’ll make America Great again (again). While his platform is not specific, Trump struck the same nationalist and isolationist tone that which he’s been preaching for decades: he’ll tackle criminals and illegal immigration as well as take on China and bring back manufacturing from the US by imposing tariffs. Other aspects of his agenda are more current such as his pledges to cut inflation, guarantee that elections are secure and stop transgender women from playing in women’s sports.

The speech was equally notable for the things Trump did not say. He did not declare that his 2020 presidential election was taken away from the country. Since he has been focusing on this issue over the past two years the fact that it was not mentioned in the speech was deliberate.

The most striking thing was the fact that Trump did not even mention one of his possible Republican opponents. In light of the rage he’s targeted at his most credible rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in recent days, the fact that he left this out in his speech was not a mistake. Trump probably shook off the discussion about “the “stolen election” since he is aware that it’s not popular and polarizing and he stayed away from attacking his opponents since he would like to be seen as the frontrunner, and the presumed candidate, not just another contender.(Donald Trump launches his bid as president)

Donald Trump launches his bid as president

Unfortunately for Trump the fact that he doesn’t acknowledge his rivals will not make them disappear. The polls that were released this week indicate DeSantis as more popular than Trump with G.O.P. voters. Trump’s influence inside the G.O.P. is at its lowest point following the terrible midterm elections where a variety of his candidates he endorsed failed and resulted in the loss of Republicans control of both the House as well as the Senate. Trump is now facing a situation where Trump isn’t assured of the Republican nomination like the 2020 election was. In certain ways, he’s appearing like an underdog.

The speech of the former president provides important clues about the type of campaign he’s preparing to pursue; however it doesn’t give any insight into the possibility that his campaign will succeed. It will only take time and the end of what’s sure to be a particularly controversial campaign — will show us this. (Donald Trump launches his bid as president)


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