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Home News Biden’s “no regrets” remarks regarding classified documents are a snide and, frankly, a bit dumb

Biden’s “no regrets” remarks regarding classified documents are a snide and, frankly, a bit dumb

Biden’s “no regrets” remarks regarding classified documents are a snide and, frankly, a bit dumb

Biden is President Biden has something Biden wants the world to be aware of. Following the discovery of classified documents in the former office of Biden as well as his library and garage The president wanted to make one point (and just one point) completely explicit: ” I have no regrets.”

It was a moment that was as traumatic as his infamous observation that even though classified materials were discovered in his garage, it’s locked and also houses the beloved 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Biden's 'no regrets' r

Even though Biden’s “Corvette standard” for storing classified documents was confusing and baffling, his statement to have “no regrets” is frankly outrage. It’s also quite absurd with an attorney who is a special counsel on the job. Or, the president is convinced the Special Counsel Robert K. Hur is going to cover the whole thing or will do his best to force him into the possibility of a criminal case.

Biden was irritated to even be confronted about the issue after having a stalemate with the media for weeks. Biden stepped out of the White House bunker to tour the damage caused by storms in California and made use of to use the victims’ stories as a human protection: “You know what, really, bothers me is that we’ve got an issue that we’re discussing. We’re discussing what’s happening. The American people aren’t sure why they don’t want to ask me questions about this.”

The problem is that the latest polls reveal that although the president isn’t expressing any regrets, the majority of the population do. A majority of Americans view his actions as reckless. About two-thirds of Americans believe Congress should examine the president, which includes the large majority of Democrats. Sixty percent think the president acted in a way that was inappropriate with classified documents.

However, after a long period of sitting down with his staff and looking through polls Biden made a decision to stay to his total and complete rejection of any regret or accountability. This was no surprise to many of us who’ve followed Biden along with his wife and children throughout his life.

It was my opinion at the beginning of this controversy that the silence displayed by Biden was not surprising. Biden is always more adept at expressing anger than taking accountability.

The remarks on Thursday were typical Biden. Biden first deflected the blame by citing as an example the California victims. He later denied any accountability. Despite being appointed an attorney special counsel to look into his actions, he shrugged off the whole issue as similar to the discovery of the hammer of a neighbor’s friend from his garage in the year 2017: “We found a handful of documents put in the wrong spot. We promptly turned over the documents to Archives along with to the Justice Department… I’m sure you’ll discover that there’s nothing in them. I’m not regretting anything. I’m doing what lawyers have instructed for me to accomplish. That’s precisely what I’m doing. There’s nothing there.”


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