Amber Heard Doubles Down: ‘Dateline’ Interview takeaways on Johnny Depp Defamation Verdict

“This would be a terrible method for seeking retribution,” Amber Heard said as she opened up to Savannah Guthrie, making sense of why she was doing her initially plunk-down interview since Heard’s slander trial with ex Johnny Depp. She isn’t vindictive, Heard said. “I simply believe that individuals should see me as a person,” she said as the “Dateline” extraordinary began Friday.

The interview — which will be available to see on and Peacock — was dribble taken care of over time, finishing in the one-hour selective on NBC. The extraordinary guaranteed the initial bits of knowledge into what it was preferred to be in the “Aquaman” co-star’s shoes through the trial, which finished recently.

Amber Heard said she intends to pursue the court’s choice to grant Depp more than $10 million in penalties and trusted the interview would adjust “extremely genuine feelings of trepidation others [abuse accusers] may have of approaching and standing up”

The chilling impact

Indeed, even Guthrie appeared to be mindful of the dangers of having Heard keep on squeezing her case after Depp won his defame contend and was granted more than $10 million. “Are you anxious, as we are here today, about what you can say now?” Guthrie inquired. 

Amber Heard Doubles Down
Amber Heard Doubles Down

“I underestimated what I accepted at least for now that was my entitlement to talk, about what I survived as well as what I knew, ” Heard said. Heard fabricated an image of how her experience, in this situation, showed the trepidation ladies have to approach supposed victimizers. The “Aquaman” co-star repeated her cases that Depp truly mishandled her — claims that Depp has denied.

Guthrie reminded Amber Heard that no different ladies had approached to blame Depp for actual viciousness, to which Heard answered: “Look what has been going on with me when I approached. OK?”

For the people who might live in dread, she said: “I’m still here. What’s more, perhaps that effectively adjusts a portion of the extremely, genuine trepidation others might have about approaching or standing up.”

She loves Johnny

After a disputable, untidy trial, it might shock some that Heard would in any case cherish the star “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Guthrie reminded Heard that she had explained on the main day of the trial in she said she had a love for Depp. Guthrie asked Heard assuming she felt as such now, after everything that had occurred.

“Totally. I love him. I adored him throughout my entire existence. Furthermore, I made an honest effort to make a profoundly broken relationship work, and I proved unable,” Amber Heard said.

Amber Heard Doubles Down
Amber Heard Doubles Down

More evidence

One of the huge contentions that Heard has sought since she to a great extent lost her slender body of evidence against Depp is that there was proof that would have helped her case that was not introduced to the jury. Heard won one of three criticism arguments she brought against Depp, and he won each of the three cases against her.

In the “Dateline” interview, Heard Guthrie furnished admittance to an envelope with notes from her specialist tracing back to 2011, which she said recorded her claims of domestic maltreatment simultaneously. “There’s a folio worth long periods of notes returning to 2011 from the very outset of my relationship that was taken by my PCP, to whom I detailed the maltreatment,” Heard said.

Guthrie said the specialist was Heard’s advisor at that point. NBC explored the notes and said they showed that Heard as far back as 2012 discussed actual maltreatment. As per the NBC report, Heard told her specialist in the logs in January 2012 that Depp “hit her, tossed her on the floor,” and in 2013, the advisor’s notes said that Amber Heard revealed that “he tossed her against a wall and took steps to kill her.”

Another meme-able second?

At the point when Heard referenced her canine stepped on a honey bee during her testimony in court, it brought forth 1,000 memes. On Friday the entertainer possibly offered pundits another “huh?” second. When reminded by Guthrie that Camille Vasquez, one of Depp’s lawyers, said Heard was giving “an epic presentation” in court, the entertainer answered: “Says the legal counselor for the one who persuaded the world he had scissors for fingers. I’m the entertainer?”

The second had “Edward Scissorhands” moving via web-based entertainment, and even Redbox, the video rental organization, stepped into the fight. “It was all phony?!” the organization tweeted.

Chief Walter Hamada accuses her absence of science with “Aquaman” star Jason Momoa as a justification for downsizing her screen time. “I had paid attention to weeks of testimony suggesting that, or saying straightforwardly, that you know, I’m a horrible entertainer. So — I’m — I’m a piece confounded how I could be both,” Amber Heard said.

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Guthrie confronted Heard

Guthrie, who has introduced her interview with the way that her better half has counseled for Johnny Depp’s camp, isn’t hesitant in making a move to stand up to hear on irregularities she found in her proof. Yet, Heard said she remained by her words.

“At the point when you’re brilliant here this moment, do you stand by your testimony and claims against Johnny Depp of misuse?” Guthrie inquired. “Obviously, and I’ll depend on his demise,” Heard answered.


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