Albany County DA questions red flag law

Albany County District Attorney David Soares in a lengthy statement that was released on Tuesday sought to challenge New York officials’ claims of their law’s success that is designed to prevent guns from those who are considered to be risky to them or other people.

Soares A Democrat who has become a vocal opponent of recent changes to the criminal justice system in a heated debate about the safety of the public during this election season He has called the red flag not effective in stopping guns in Albany due to a surge in gun violence this year.

Red Flag Laws” cannot be used to stop numerous gangland warriors who patrol the streets with stolen, ghost guns, or firearms for community use,” he said.

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The announcement came just the same day that the governor. Kathy Hochul and state Attorney General Letitia James in a press conference discussed an increase in the number of extreme danger protection orders since the law was reinforced this year. They also announced additional funds for the James Office to enforce the law.

Hochul and state legislators widened the red flag in the year following the mass shooting that took place in Buffalo in the city’s predominantly Black neighborhood that killed 10 people.

Albany County DA questions red flag law

The governor has also proclaimed an increase in the confiscation of guns that were illegally transported through New York, with thousands more being recovered this year.

However, Soares has urged the government to go back to Albany to address the rising number of crimes in cities in the upstate. She said a comparison between the violence on streets and massive shootings, like those in Buffalo, is not true.

“State officials must grasp the difference and then return to the Capitol to tackle counterproductive criminal justice reforms, if they are looking to tackle the issue of the gun violence that is a part of inner cities,” he said.

Advocates who favor the changes to the criminal justice laws and the measures that limit the time that cash bail is required to be used in criminal cases, have rebuffed Soares his statement.

“I believe that If Davis Soares would stop playing games and instead use his power to push for real investment in our community, there could be some improvement,” said Roni Minter who is one of the Albany residents and co-founder of the Freedom Unshackled coalition. 

“The evidence shows that there’s seen an increase in the number of individuals who make all their court appearances, and decreases in re-arrest rates for violent felonies, following bail reform, but Soares isn’t going to talk about it. The safest communities have the most resources, but not the most in terms of arrest or incarceration which is why the Capital Region makes that clear. The real leaders need to take action and encourage all others to remain still.”


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