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A Con Man Is Succeeding Me in Congress Today

A Con Man Is Succeeding Me in Congress Today

Today marks my final day as a member of Congress as well. George Santos is about to be sworn into the place I held for the past six years. He’ll swear that he will “bear true faith” to the Constitution and fulfill this obligation with no “purpose of evasion.” I’m not sure the number of lies and evasions Mr. Santos has told about his financial situation, himself and his relationship to the area in Long Island and northeastern Queens.

If he becomes a member of the senate, it will degrade our Congress and our country as well as my constituents. Soon, his constituents. It’s a bit depressing to know that after more than 30 many years in public service that was rooted in dedication and hard work to the citizens of the area, I’m now being replaced by a conman.


However, I’m holding on to my optimism. I am convinced that, as painful and slow as it may be the democratic system and our free press, and our rule of law are working. They are required to.

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Also, I know the people in the Third District pretty well; they are staunch believers in the law and when it comes to playing by the rules. They value authenticity in their leaders , and boast of being a good BS detection. However, Mr. Santos’s conduct was more than BS in that he made up the facts of his personal life in a way that the majority of voters would have never thought of. The shame would be terrible, isn’t it? I’m certain that, if the voters of the Third District have an the chance to vote on his future political prospects, he is gone.


For now it is impossible to get away from this fact: Mr. Santos’s ploy is an example of a growing trend in politics of saying or performing anything without any automatic consequence. It doesn’t matter if it’s far-right election denialists, personal attacks which demand violence against those who oppose them or claims of false flag massive shootings, or extremes who are uttering the first thought that comes to mind , and even a politician who says that he could “shoot somebody” on Fifth Avenue and not lose his supporters. If we’re going to stop the tyranny of the unchecked liars and their lies it is imperative that Santos must be held accountable. Santos must be held accountable.

He has to remove himself by Congress or by the prosecutors as there is no indication that he’ll be forced to change his mind and voluntarily step down.

I don’t say this lightly. Eliminating a member of Congress is not an easy job and the standard is quite high. Our democracy is built upon free as well as fair election as well as the wisdom of electorate as well as the unhurried change of the power. A few of my constituents have declared they don’t want to see their votes to be overruled and that they want Mr. Santos ousted.

We now are aware that nobody was a voter in favor of the true George Santos. Certain candidates will make statements and do whatever it takes to win the election, but then violate the trust of the public. With the case of Mr. Santos, we have an individual who has abused the public trust before his election It’s quite mind-boggling to imagine what his conduct and words will be as he serves in Congress for his constituents.




By Fredric M. Wiseman

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