4 Levels of Consciousness Psychology

In each moment we connect our own setting to the substance of life. These settings are in steady transition, and we use them to explore the world. These settings can be separated into 4 levels of consciousness:-

1) TO ME (casualty consciousness)

2) BY ME (obligation consciousness)

3) THROUGH ME (give up consciousness)

4) AS ME (unity consciousness).

4 Levels of Consciousness 

4 Levels of Consciousness Psychology

We travel through these states a few times throughout the day, often within the space of minutes or hours. Beneath I portray these 4 conditions of consciousness how these come into impact, and how you can move their application. 

To me

This state is the point at which we’re at the will and impact of life. It doesn’t make any difference what feeling we feel — the reason for the experience is generally beyond us, whether it’s awful traffic or incredible climate. It’s undeniable that issues come with keeping up with this kind of mentality. The ‘to me’ state leaves us persuaded that we are the survivor of outside powers, and our mindset is continually directed by life’s promising and less promising times. 4 Levels of Consciousness.

By me

The ‘by me’ state replaces blame with moral obligation. It is a condition of creatorship and empowerment, wherein we can pick how we respond to outside powers — from a world-moving occasion like a downturn to the ordinary climate. At the point when we are in ‘by me’ states we are in GO mode and can pick how we make our existence. 4 Levels of Consciousness.

Through me

‘However, me’ consciousness means giving up on the current moment. In the event that in ‘by me’ we play the maker, with ‘through me’ we are merely a vessel in which the universe orders itself. There is a feeling of the stream and things happening normally in the ‘through me’ state: pioneers, performers, and essayists could say that their ideas, music, and stories came ‘through’ them as if coincidentally. This is a condition of motivation or premonition where we play in a unique hit on the dance floor with life. 4 Levels of Consciousness.

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As me

‘As me’ is a profound encounter — an obscuring of the individual self and an association with unity. History’s most prominent profound educators have asked that the experience of unity, independence from division, and the disintegration of an egoic self are the best of human prospects. In this state, we develop endless love and appreciation. Nothing is deficient. We have no annoying needs and don’t bother modifying where and who we are as of now.

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Picking your frequency

There’s no correct with regard to conditions of consciousness. However, we might have the option to find another enthusiasm for life by observing which consciousness we are as of now arranged in and hoisting ourselves past inclination like a casualty of life’s conditions. 4 Levels of Consciousness.

4 levels of consciousness nursing (4 levels of consciousness yoga, 4 levels of awareness)

You can really comprehend from the level you are at that moment. If someone in ‘as me’ addresses someone in ‘as far as I might be concerned, they will decipher the substance diversely with their own unique situation. The Cognizant Administration Gathering (CLG) gauges that 97% of individuals invest 90% of their energy in ‘to me’ or ‘by me’ states. By monitoring this, we can change how we convey and raise our initiative, our activities, and our associations from a condition of consciousness that needs stream, unity, and inventiveness. levels of consciousness medical, 4 levels of consciousness.


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