3 High School Graduations Across the U.S. End With Gunfire In Less Than 24 Hours

Three high school graduations across the U.S. ended with gunfire in less than 24 hours, as the incidents were reported in Louisiana, Michigan, and Tennessee locations.

Louisiana Incident

In the Louisiana location, four individuals were harmed when gunfire ejected on this Thursday night as alumni of Hammond High School left the ceremony which was held on the Southeastern Louisiana University campus so to meet with families as stated in the police statement. In this incident, four individuals going to Hammond High School’s beginning service endured non-life-threatening injuries, however, specialists strikingly accept no adolescents were involved [or] struck in this episode. A suspect, Trent Thomas was found and arrested.

Michigan Incident

A shooting likewise ejected at the East Kentwood High School grounds outside the football arena in Michigan on Thursday during the graduation function for Crossroads Alternative High School at 7:20 p.m time which causes harm to two individuals as stated in the Kent County Sheriff’s official statement to the media. While Crossroads Alternative High School understudies were graduating on Thursday, then an enormous number of shots were shot outside the ceremony place. While two agents were on duty at the ceremony for security, the suspects flew when they got to the parking garage.

3 high school graduations across the U.S. end with gunfire in less than 24 hours
3 high school graduations across the U.S. end with gunfire in less than 24 hours

Two individuals were harmed in this situation, in which one was a 16-year-old from Texas and a 40-year-old local person. It’s hazy in the case, that the casualties were associated with the ceremony.

Tennessee Incident

A 17-year-old was captured in a dangerous shooting after the end of the graduation ceremony held for the Riverdale High School at the campus of the Middle Tennessee State University at around 9 p.m. This last Wednesday when the students left the ceremony. One of the students killed didn’t, the incident was Hasani Brewer, who was 18 years old in addition to this a 17-year-old student from the secondary school junior was also reported injured as stated by the state police. Whereas the suspect was not yet identified on account of the suspect’s age.

3 high school graduations across the U.S. end with gunfire in less than 24 hours
3 high school graduations across the U.S. end with gunfire in less than 24 hours

As the group was scattering close to the end of the occasion, a 17-year-old shot and killed Hasani Brewer. An additional 17-year-old, who was battling with Brewer before the third youngster started, shooting, was likewise injured. It merits adding that Brewer was a previous alumnus of the school and the other 17-year-old who was injured in the clash is from the junior high.

As per the statement of Murfreesboro Public Information Officer Larry Flowers, it was said that this was not an arbitrary shooting as the two casualties and the shooter already knew one another. The suspect will before long be summoned on a first-degree murder allegation before the juvenile court.

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