2 Wounded Following Shooting in Florence-Firestone area

Know the story behind the 2 wounded following shooting in the Florence-Firestone area

A shooting that took place on Friday afternoon in the Florence-Firestone area of South Los Angeles is the subject of an investigation by authorities. The shooting took place close to 103rd Street just before 4:15 p.m., according to the police.

2 wounded following shooting in Florence-Firestone area
2 wounded following shooting in Florence-Firestone area

After hearing that someone had been shot in the leg, they were sent to the scene. When they arrived, they discovered a woman in her 60s with a leg wound from a gunshot. On Juniper and 102nd Street, a male victim was reportedly also nearby. Additionally, he sustained a wound that was not fatal.

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For treatment, the two victims were taken to nearby hospitals. Despite receiving calls reporting both shootings at the same time, police were unsure if there was a connection between the two. There was no suspect information at the time.


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