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10 vs 12 miter saw – A miter saw is an irreplaceable instrument for remodeling and development. My experience demonstrates the way that not all DIYers can pick the right gadget for explicit assignments. To do it, you want to remember a few significant elements, the most fundamental of which is the miter saw blade width. 10 vs 12 miter saw – Miter saws arrive in a scope of blade sizes, from as little as 7¼ inches up to 20 inches however, the two most normal sizes are 10-inch and 12-inch. 


Difference between 12 vs 10 miter saw

10-Inch Miter Saw

There are serious areas of strength for the fame of the 10-inch miter saw. As a rule, you can cut trim and embellishment boards utilizing the 10-inch blade’s 6-inch greatest cutting width. A 10-inch miter saw gives you a lot of wriggle room because most cuts are something like four inches long. A 10-inch saw is ideal since this machine is more modest and lighter than a bigger form. In addition, more modest blades are likewise more affordable. 

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So, the most well-known sizes like the 10-inch choices are all the more promptly accessible, offer a more extensive scope of choices, are fledgling and cordial, and need less time and money to hone. Smoother cuts might be made with a 10-inch than a bigger miter blade since the 10-inch blade spins quicker. Two equivalent engines ought to power the 10-inch to get a better completion. A more tight-fitting intersection results from a cleaner cut while interfacing trim parts.

Benefits Of 10-Inch Miter Saws

Adaptable And Versatile

With regards to the best miter saws, two blades or more will give you more choices with regards to cutting. While cutting through tremendous pieces of wood, a 10-inch saw blade has all the earmarks of being the most flexible choice.


A 10-inch miter saw blade would spin more rapidly than a 12-inch miter saw blade. Since the engines in the two saws are much of the time something very similar, the more modest, the lighter one will spin all the more rapidly. The higher speed improves the better completion and more limited cutting time.

Less expensive Blades

Miter saw blades are tradable wa ith table saw blades, so you might take one from your table saw and use it on your miter saw. The cutting capacity of a 10-inch slider is identical to that of a bigger slider, yet blades are more affordable.


A more tight fitting intersection results from a cleaner cut while interfacing trim parts. A more modest one will likewise be more successful for smoother cuts and less wobble. As a minor, for what it’s worth, this is something to remember while picking a miter saw blade.

Cons Of 10-Inch Miter Saws

Not Entirely Sturdy

The more modest the blade, the less helpful it will be. In tool shops, 10-inch blade sizes are promptly accessible because they’ll wear out over the long run from regular use.

Power And Cutting Size

The 10-inch miter saw cutting restrictions is an issue. You’ll require substantially more exertion modifying a deck with a 5-inch or even 4-inch thick piece of wood since this saw can’t deal with huge pieces. For most DIYers, a blade of this size is above and beyond for most carpentry projects. To chop a greater piece of wood, just turn it and chop the opposite side from the two closures.

12-Inch Miter Saw

Miters with a 12-inch blade commonly have 15-amp engines, meaning you can cut through more earnestly materials. Certain 12-inch saws can likewise utilize a 10-inch blade. A 15-amp engine makes smooth cuts with a 10-inch. 12-inch miters with blades of a similar expansiveness are solid and last longer since they are worked for heavy-obligation cutting. Utilizing a bigger saw will permit you to cut through more wood. You can cut through 4x6s with a 12-inch saw in one pass.

Benefits Of 12-Inch Miter Saws

Sheer Power And Strength

For the most part, bigger blades have more effective motors when contrasted with 10-inch miters. It will assist you with cutting harder materials and lift your cutting effectiveness. As well as creating a higher speed, the more noteworthy size implies that a greater amount of the blade’s teeth will be in touch with bigger parts of wood while utilizing this saw.

Entirely Durable

The bigger the power apparatuses, the more consistent, durable, and reliable it should be. The 12-inch saws use those with additional teeth for better cuts.

Predictable Cuts

Rather than 10-inch models, the 12-inch blade types are known for their consistency and more profound cuts. A more modest blade will spin quicker and give more space to mistake, bringing about heaps of squandered material in a solitary pass. Each time you utilize the 12-inch appropriately, you can ensure steady outcomes.

Can Cut Bigger Materials

The greatest cut length of the 12-inch miter saw is around 7.5 inches. This innovation makes cutting thick boards in a single singular motion conceivable. A bigger blade will assist you with overseeing even the most troublesome materials like overlaid lumber and pressed wood.

Drawbacks Of 12-Inch Miter Saws

Massive And Heavy

The bigger the blade, the more space it takes up. Furthermore, a 12-inch miter requires an all the more powerful engine to work. Contrasted with the more modest partner, there won’t be a lot of exhibition distinction. In any case, this saw may be excessively huge for basic trim work or on the other hand in the event that you have a little studio. The size of this saw will make it more hard to convey, particularly assuming you’re working with most carpentry projects that require enormous materials.

Elusive Blades

The trouble in getting the 12-inch depends on the way that they are less pursued by the overall population than the more modest partner. 12-inch choices are rare, and you can’t look over as numerous choices.

More Great For Experienced Carpenters

A piece of currently risky power gear is made significantly more so by adding a bigger, speedier saw. Picking a more modest one for your miter saw might be really smart in the event that you’re new to carpentry. Utilizing the bigger partners will likewise make your saw heavier, overburdening your arms and making your undertaking more troublesome than expected.


The bigger partner is essentially more costly on account of the size and extra elements. The greatest disadvantages of a bigger saw accompany more costly choices and a higher electrical bill.

Which is better, a 10-inch or 12-inch miter saw?

10 vs 12 miter saw – It isn’t to say that a few instruments are more regrettable or better. Everything relies upon your assignments. For home use and work with slight materials, the 10-inch gadget is more reasonable. On the off chance that you plan a huge scope venture and need to cut thick sheets of wood, the 12-inch instrument fits better.

How enormous of a board will a 10-inch miter saw cut?

In the event that you want to make a straight cut, the 10-inch device can cut a 2×6 inches piece of wood. 10 vs 12 miter saw – The profundity of an incline cut is somewhat less; you will actually want to cut 2×4 materials with it. On the off chance that your gadget is outfitted with a sliding arm, the width can be a lot bigger while the profundity continues as before.

Could a 10-inch at any point miter saw cut a 4×4?

In fact, it is conceivable. Valid, for it’s purposes, you should make a few runs. In the event that you want to cut a lot of material, it will require a long investment to turn the boards over and yet again cut them. In this way, for such purposes, taking a 12-inch device is better.

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