How To Change Alexa Name

Alexa is command central for the smart home which helps you to switch on/off the lights, TV, or listen to any music as all that can be done with just a command given to this virtual assistant.

However, imagine a scenario where you’d prefer not to refer to her as “Alexa?” And how can you change her name from Alexa to anything else? Perhaps there’s as of now somebody named Alexa in your family, which makes things excessively befuddling. Perhaps you have different Amazon Alexa gadgets and don’t have any desire to get them stirred up. Or then again maybe you’re only a tad weirded out by calling a beat-up chamber by a human name. All things considered, assuming you are Alexa-opposed, whatever the explanation then you don’t have to stick up with this name for your device anymore.

In spite of the fact that you can’t change her name to anything you desire, there’s a menu with a couple of options, there’s a method for transforming it right on the Alexa application. Furthermore, changing Alexa’s name couldn’t be simpler.

Well most of us know Amazon’s voice assistant as Alexa which is the default name for this voice assistant. Whereas if you want to change the name then you can, yes, we will be discussing the way on “How To Change Alexa Name”.

So for your information, you should know that your Alexa gadget is accompanied by four other potential names, thus know “How to change Alexa name?”

Steps on How to change Alexa name?

How To Change Alexa Name

Step 1: Start by opening the Amazon Alexa app on your Smartphone which is used to control all the Alexa features.

Step 2: Now, Click on the bars symbol accessible at the bottom of your mobile screen which is available on the right-hand side corner or you can click on the more options. It will open the Apps main menu.

Step 3: Now, Select on the App “Settings”, the settings are accessible near the bottom of the menu screen opened in the previous step.

Step 4: Now, click and select the “Device Settings” which is available below the “Alexa account” option

Step 5: Now on the option of the “All Devices” menu, click and select the device / Echo device for whom name you need to change. (It is for those who have more than one Alexa device)

Step 6: Now, Scroll down to all the options to search the “Wake Word” option. For virtual assistance the term name has not used the word is wake word (which implies the term to wake up the device)

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Step 7: Now select and choose the new name for Alexa, here you will get 4 options to select under the wake word option which are the accessible names you can select for your device. The options include:

· Amazon

· Echo

· Computer

· Ziggy

So select the one you want to change with Alexa and hit the Ok option.

Would I be able to utilize my re-named Alexa right away?

You can’t begin utilizing the new name right away. When you change the wake word, it will require a few minutes to update the name or we can technically say the wake word. So you can keep utilizing the first wake word meanwhile. Be that as it may, when the framework updates, the name change is finished, and your gadget will tell you. Then, at that point, feel free to utilize your Amazon device as you want with its new wake up word.

Can we also change Alexa’s Voice?

Well, after changing Alexa’s name you can also change her voice. There are different languages and accents which are available to choose from the list and that works with Amazon’s device.

How To Change Alexa Name

Just follow the steps to change Alexa’s voice:

· Open your Alexa app and select the device

· Open language

· Select the one you want to use

· And now Save the changes

There’s an element that permits you to use the celebrity Samuel L. Jackson to be the voice for your device whereas it is not free as it will cost you around $5. It even gives “Hey Samuel” as another wake word. Assuming you get this component, you’ll in any case have the option to utilize Alexa’s normal voice with the standard wake word because he doesn’t do all that Alexa does, incorporating assisting with shopping, records, updates, or abilities. One more paid extra component, one can now hear the voice of Melissa McCarthy and Shaquille O’Neal give you weather updates on your Amazon device and also and other features like telling personal stories or cracking a joke. For this, all you need to do is too simply say that “Hey, “Alexa” introduce me to Shaq or Melissa” to open this paid feature.

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