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As you progress through the course of change to Texas Tech, you might have seen a few terms being tossed around connected with usernames, ID numbers, and entries. We regularly get inquiries from conceded learners or students experiencing difficulty signing in; the most frequently asked query is about the use of the correct login to the correct account or place. We have assembled the accompanying data to make sense of what does it mean by each specific term and when the same need to be utilized. Here to Know more about “TTU Raiderlink“.

Kindly note, that it is not difficult to befuddle comparable sounding terms or things, so watch out.

What is eRaider?

eRaider is the TTU Electronic Identification/Login Credentials, well; this is a solitary client name you will use for pretty much every electronic sign-in after admission. The eRaider account is your TTU electronic ID. Your eRaider is a solitary username and secret word that is expected to get to numerous assets or resources at the TTU.

This eRaider account permits you to get to the TechMail (email) and to further access the Wi-Fi of the campus internet and also to access the RaiderLink for class enlistment.

TTU Raiderlink

You will utilize the site to deal with the username, to recover the password and password. The eRaider client name will be provided to the users by the TT University upon admissions, alongside an initiation/reactivation code. Well, the user cannot be able to change the user name of the eRaider account.

As per University Policy and to safeguard the student’s data security, you ought to never disclose your eRaider Username and Password to anybody. No University Official or University authorized specialist co-op will at any point ask you for your eRaider password.

Kindly note that the eRaider account is not quite the same as the Raider Connect details you utilized during the Admissions interaction.

What is all about the Raider Connect?

TTU Raiderlink

Raider Connect is the Login credentials just utilized for the Admission procedure.

RaiderConnect is a record that you will set up yourself during the confirmations interaction to look at the situation with the application.

After admission, the students will be provided with the eRaider login details to use over the course at Texas Tech.

What is the R Number?

This is called the “Official Texas Tech Student ID number”. The same is about 8 digits in length and preceded by the “R” letter is and this also never changes throughout the term.

In order to track it down, the Rnumber follows the steps such as:

  •       Visit the
  •    Then Log in with the credentials of eRaider account as the username and the password.
  •       Well, click on the top of the name on the screen as you will get the letter “R” which is then followed by the 8 digit number well which is the TechID number.
  •       Save or remember the number. It won’t ever change during the course duration at Texas Tech.

You can likewise track down your Rnumber within the Red Raider Orientation enrollment framework on the “Personal Information” page.

What is RaiderLink?

Online entry for current TTU Raiderlink understudies workforce and staff. You will utilize your eRaider details to sign into the RaiderLink

TTU Raiderlink

You will utilize RaiderLink to enlist for the course classes in between the Red Raider Orientation, view and acknowledge the financial aids as well as the scholarships, pay fees, transfer the credits and view the transcripts, and many more. You’ll utilize the same portal throughout the course duration while studying at Texas Tech.

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