Captions for YouTube Videos, Know How to Enable or Disable it technically

Have you noticed that Captions for YouTube Videos are automatically turned on? Whether you have uploaded your captions for the particular video or not the YouTube platform by default generates the auto-captions for every video which is uploaded on the platform.

Well, such auto-captions are the things that are not enjoyed by the users as the platform itself even admits that this auto caption is not the most reliable as it may impair your video viewing access to the public and its SEO visibility too. YouTube offers auto-produced inscriptions for most recordings. It can be in the video’s primary language or any language supported.

How to Enable or Disable the Automatic Captions Technically

Captions For YouTube Videos
Captions For YouTube Videos

Well, it is a kind of technical glitch that cannot be removed but the option available with the uploaded is to upload own captions which will surely be more accurate, and simply disable the automatic captions from the video. Follow the steps below to enable or disable the Captions for YouTube Videos.

1. Open your YouTube account and Go to your Video Manager.

2. Now click/select on the Edit option.

3. Now click on the Subtitles/CC tab.

4. Click o the English (Automatic/default) or the language which is used for the video.

5. Now select the Unpublish option.

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Replace or update the Uploaded Caption File to the new caption

In case you have uploaded a wrong caption or any wrong video by accident then you can delete the caption by using the following steps.

  1. Open the Video Manager and select Edit available next to the video
  2. Choose the Subtitles/CC tab.
  3. Click o the English (Automatic/default) or the language which is used for the video.
  4. Now select the Unpublish option.
  5. Select the Upload option from the Actions tab to add the new caption file.
Captions For YouTube Videos
Captions For YouTube Videos

It is recommended that instead of updating the auto-captions, it is better to create a new caption file and disable the auto-captions. It will help in providing you with accurate views for the video and also enhance the SEO and video accessibility for your upload.

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Captions For YouTube Videos
Captions For YouTube Videos

As we have discussed and mentioned that even YouTube agrees that the auto-captions are not very accurate and it may cause the bad use reference, hurt the brand image and video creditability. Therefore, simply disable the auto caption from your video to improve your video views and accessibility.

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