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Trump-backed Las Vegas Sheriff Tops Democrat for Nevada Govt.

Trump-backed Las Vegas Sheriff Tops Democrat

Trump-backed Las Vegas Sheriff Tops Democrat for Nevada Govt. – Nevada’s governor has been elected to office a career sheriff and police officer in Las Vegas, who was supported by President Donald Trump.

Republican Joe Lombardo, a career police officer-turned-elected sheriff in Las Vegas who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, has been elected governor in Nevada.

Lombardo stated that he had dedicated his life to serving the community and was now honored to be the next governor of the state. This statement was made shortly after Steve Sisolak, the Democratic incumbent, conceded defeat.

Sisolak commented that “it appears we will fall one percentage point or more short of winning,” following a series of Clark County vote results. “That’s why I reached out and wished him success,” Sisolak said.

Five years ago, Sisolak and Lombardo were in the national spotlight after the worst mass shooting in American history. A gunman opened fire from high-rise windows and shot assault-style rifles into a Las Vegas concert crowd, killing at least 58 people and injuring hundreds more.

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Sisolak, at the time, was the chairman of the powerful Clark County Commission. This elected body had jurisdiction over the Las Vegas Strip. Lombardo, the Clark County Sheriff elected non-partisan and head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (the largest Nevada police agency), was a member of the Clark County Commission.

Sisolak became Nevada’s 30th governor. Lombardo will become the 31st governor, making Sisolak a one term Democrat in a two-decade period of Republicans. But Lombardo will contend with a Democratic-controlled state Legislature.

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The race for the governor was close. Ballot counting in Nevada took place over several days because of a broad mail voter law that Nevada’s Legislature passed in 2020. It requires counties to accept ballots sent by mail up to four days after Election Day.

Lombardo (60) started his career as a Las Vegas police officer in 1988. He also served two terms as Clark County sheriff.

Trump’s endorsement enabled him to emerge from a competitive GOP field and win the primary. He weathered campaign attacks about his tenure as sheriff by acknowledging an increase in crime during the last two years but blaming funding limits and mandates from the Democratic-controlled Legislature.

In echoes from campaign ads, Lombardo declared Friday that “our victory is a victory to all Nevadans who want the state to get back on its feet.” His win was a victory for parents, students, small business owners and law enforcement officers, he said.

Trump-backed Las Vegas Sheriff Tops Democrat

Sisolak admitted in his statement that he had been criticised for closing schools, casinos, and businesses in March 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also pointed out “the stresses and strains caused by global inflation.”

“We made tough decisions during COVID which saved an estimated 30,000 Nevada lives,” said the statement, “even though those decisions sometimes had difficult political ramifications.”

Lombardo was often seen in police uniform on campaign photos. He distanced himself from Trump during campaign. Lombardo never supported unfounded claims that 2020’s presidential election was marred with fraud.

During his campaign debate with Sisolak, Lombardo stated that voting irregularities from two years ago weren’t enough to alter the outcome of the election.

Robert Bigelow, a wealthy Las Vegas hotel magnate who also owns a Las Vegas-area aerospace company, supported Lombardo’s campaign as well as his political committees.

Lombardo ridiculed a state-sponsored public health insurance plan that Sisolak and the Legislature approved at a campaign forum.

Lombardo stated that he views abortion from a pro-life perspective, but he said he would oppose a national ban on abortion if Congress passed one. He also acknowledged that a Nevada state law, approved in 1990 by Nevada voters, allows abortions until 24 weeks after the start of pregnancy.

Lombardo, who promised a victory speech Monday to the Las Vegas high-school he attended on Friday, said that he and Donna “can’t wait” to start working for Carson City.

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