President Joe Biden says something about the death of Tina Turner at the age of 83

Tina Turner

was the daughter of a farmer in Tennessee before she became the Queen of Rock and Roll. She used to sing in the church band when she was young. Later, she became one of the most popular recording artists of all time.
She was the only woman to win 12 Grammys in the pop, rock, and R&B categories, which shows how versatile, creative, and popular she is. Millions of people went to her shows. Her high-energy dance shows were well known. And her famous songs like “Proud Mary,” “The Best,” and “What’s Love Got to Do with It” are still loved and sung loudly by fans of all ages.
Tina was a once-in-a-generation artist who changed American music for good, and she was also a very strong person. She overcame hard times and even abuse to build a business that will last forever, as well as a life and legacy that were all hers.
Jill and I send our love and prayers to her husband Erwin, the rest of the Turner family, and friends all over the world who are sad today because they all agree that Tina Turner was “simply the best.”


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