The World’s Finest Assassin Ending Explained

The world’s finest assassin’ s ending episode was explosive and proved that the anime is truly one of the most unique iseke anime that has premiered in a long time. The ending of the episode is explained below.

World's Finest Assassin
World’s Finest Assassin

Another bizarre anime by the Redo of the Healer author has concluded and it was an insane ride, to say the least. Many fans are confused about the events that transpired.

World’s Finest Assassin- Plot

The world’s greatest assassin had sworn lifelong loyalty to the organization that raised him. However, despite his allegiance, that very same organization takes action to silence him, ultimately leading to his demise. 

Drowning in depression and regrets he can no longer suppress, he finds himself in an audience with a goddess attracted by his exceptional skills. The goddess offers him reincarnation into a magical world of swords and wonder so he can perform an important mission: prevent that world’s destruction by killing its hero.

Accepting the goddess’ request, he is reborn as Lugh Tuatha Dé, the son of a noble family of assassins serving the Alvan Kingdom. Under the guidance of his father, Lugh learns his new assassination techniques that significantly differ from the cruel and unsympathetic killing style of his previous life. Furthermore, his other talents are nourished, allowing him to meet new friends and acquaintances. Even so, Lugh knows that his efforts are far from adequate because a monumental adversary such as the hero can only be defeated with perfection.

The story begins with a human auction where the young girls are sold off to wealthy old men under the watchful eye of Marquess Collide. Under the command of the kingdom, Lugh Tuatha De began to investigate Marquess Collide with the help of the mage Dia Vicorne, his assistant Tarte, and his intelligent sister Maha. 

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Dia and Tarte who had infiltrated the auction as a slave girl and maid respectively, start killing the attendees and staff of the auction, and get the enslaved girls free. After that Marquess Collide tried to run away and save herself, but Lugh and Maha managed to locate and snipe her from afar.

After this a flashback of Lugh’s previous life as the greatest assassin in his former world is shown, where he was taking out members of a crime syndicate along with his rookie world is shown, where he was taking out members of a crime syndicate along with his rookie assistant

Episode 12 – The Battle of Assassins

Lugh creates a plan with Dias dad to fake Maha’s death and set a counterattack for the kingdom. Lugh is attacked by the Setanta madness, the knight that ended the civil war, who is also carrying Gae Bolg. 

Lugh tricks the knight and uses a gungnir to nuke the knight, though the knight escaped, thus failing the assassination attempt. Dia is cheerful lugh survived and they kiss, solidifying their relationship. Ciian decided that Dia could stay at their mansion disguised as Lugh’s sister. Then revealed the hero appeared in the Alavan kingdom, which means the demon lord will also appear soon after. Then the final scene ends with the shot of the hero.

Far from the tool he was in his previous life, he is now a man who understands what he wants and isn’t frightened to make the tough choices to protect what he cares about. The true ending of the series isn’t him killing Setanta, it’s the moment he chooses his wishes and aspirations over the mission the Goddess herself tasked him with completing. It is the end of his opening character arc and the kick start of his new life.

World Finest Assassin began serialization in July 2018 on Shousetsuka ni Narou. It was later acquired by Kadokawa Shoten, with 6 volumes published since February 2019. It received a tremendous surge in popularity. It was adopted by Studio Silver link; a popular and established studio known for Trashy Harem battle high school anime and many others.


If the series has a major flaw, it is the action sequences department right here. Silver Link is a mediocre anime studio at best and couldn’t deliver a lot of justice to the action-oriented scenes in The World’s Finest Assassin. CG animation is used a few times, and it looks poor every time. The animation was said to be just fine. There was nothing spectacular.

The music is more or less the same as the art, nothing much to comment on here as everything is by the numbers and generic. It doesn’t sound bad, but there is criticism that it couldn’t touch the minds of the listener. The opening is fine and fun to hear, but it isn’t enough to carry the show’s whole music department up from bang average where it currently resides.