Texting On Clubhouse: Everything You Need To Know About Clubhouse Public Chat Rooms Feature

Do you enjoy great discussions and speaking with awesome people? If so, you can try out the Clubhouse app. In this post, we have discussed everything about this app. Also, we will talk about a new option added in the app called Public Chat Rooms.


Clubhouse: The Most Amazing Social Audio Application for Android & iOS Users

The Clubhouse is a social media app introduced in March 2020. It enables you to converse through an auditory chatting space on various topics. The chat space is a group that consists of lots of individuals.

Different social auditory applications that contend with Clubhouse are Spotify Greenroom, FB Live Audio Rooms, Telegram Voice Chats, Discord Stage Channels, Reddit Talks, Slack Huddles, and Twitter Spaces.

Clubhouse Web Listening & Replay Features

In January, Clubhouse unveiled the Web Listening option. It allows the participants to join a discussion via a PC browser. For this feature, there is no need to initiate app installation.

The Replay option arrived in November 2021. It enables creating and conveying clippings of your cherished phases with pals.

In-Room Chat Option on Clubhouse: A Newly Added Feature

Check out the main highlights of Public Chat Rooms included in the Clubhouse app recently:

Support Text-Enabled Opinion Sharing

The Clubhouse users requested public chat rooms. Thus, their request gets fulfilled. And an in-room chat section has been added. It will allow the followers to text their viewpoints in the running auditory discussion.

Host Turn On Public Chat Rooms

Any person hosting the audio conversations has the freedom to enable the Public chat room option for the listeners. Accordingly, the participants can add text remarks.

Chat Room Access

Listeners need to click the Comment symbol provided at the bottom-left. Similarly, they can swipe right to access the chat room feature.


Items Supported & Unsupported in Chat Room

The public chat rooms support emojis and text-based comments. However, it does not support GIFs, stickers, images, or video sharing.

Hateful Comments Deletion by Host

The chat room host has the right to erase the wrong commentaries during or after the conversation ceases. Further, the host can close the live audio chat in the middle if he wants to.

Messages Erasure by Listeners

Even the listeners have the privilege to erase their comments in the public chat rooms. They can use this option to assist the host in mediating with engaging chats with several participants.

Chat Moderation

The room hosts get the choice to select moderators to control and manage discussions. Besides the erasure of offensive comments, mods may delete any chat participant for misbehaving or starting brawls.

Report Malignant Accounts

Many times, polite chats can change into rude conversations. In this case, moderators have the option to report spiteful user profiles. To do so, pressing the username for a minute will deliver the Report option.

Block Rabble-Rousers

The participants have the option to thwart troublemakers who post hateful remarks in the chat room.


10. Room Chat Discussions Recording

Usually, recording of auditory conversations is allowed on Clubhouse. Plus, such chats can be affixed on the start page.

Likewise, the discussions in the public chat rooms can be recorded too. As a result, any user absent during the live conversation can retrieve it and check comments. But that user cannot include a fresh remark in the closed room chat.

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Final Words on Clubhouse

We hope you have understood everything about the public chat rooms option on Clubhouse. So, use it to post comments in live conversations. The latest room chat feature does not impact the current private chatting option.