Samsung is revealing preemptively its Galaxy S23 series on its own website

While we’re still a few minutes away from Samsung’s much anticipated (and extensively leaky) Galaxy S23 launch event as at this point The company seems to have been influenced from AT&T, “leaking” the whole next-gen high-end smartphone set on its official web site located in the Middle East.

The picture, published early, depicts the mild blue S23 Ultra with a “cream” S23 and an “lavender” S23 Plus and does an excellent job of advertising not only the general design of the three new gadgets and the snarkiness of three of the four “main” color choices (the fourth being”black” and the third one being “phantom black”).

Samsung is revealing its Galaxy S23

It’s a shame that Samsung isn’t able to take the next step (yet) to reveal their front-facing panels for the Galaxy S23, S23+ as well as the S23 Ultra ahead of their jointly announced announcement later today, but obviously, it’s not the most well-kept secret, either.

This is also true for the key specifications and specifications, which are not yet acknowledged (by Samsung at least) but are being displayed on AT&T’s site in the last week, they are also frequently published (in complete) by some of the most trusted tipsters and insiders.

The main and only Galaxy S23 series component is the variation in the retail price between regions, which is likely to be more than what was initially expected. It’s due to the fact that US prices are expected to stay the same as the last year’s Galaxy S22 series levels, with some significant increases expected in a number of countries. For a quick overview we’re pretty certain at this moment of Samsung’s “vanilla” S23 will start at $799 in the US, and will come with 128 gigs internal storage The S23+ as well as the S23 Ultra will almost certainly to cost $1,199 and $999 and $1,199 respectively for an entry-level model with 256GB.

We’re also anticipating some amazing Galaxy S23 deals and special offers to be announced immediately in the US in an effort by Samsung to make this line an even bigger commercial success over the S22 range. The likelihood of that happening is yet to be determined, however for now it’s not looking very good from an economic perspective.

But wait, there’s more!

Another premature announcement of Samsung regarding Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series designs, this time, originating from Israel and, as you may have guessed it was made public from the 29th of January.

It’s only been today that the keen-eyed Roland Quandt noticed this small Twitter jewel, which should not have been launched so quickly. Yes, we did check and found that it’s a genuine Samsung Israel account, verified as an “official business” on Elon Musk’s preferred game-playing social media site.

There’s definitely a high possibility that the tweet will be removed at some point in the near future, and then updated after it comes to the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus along with the S23 Ultra finally go officially in the coming days, concluding this pre-launch saga. We’re not saying that it’s been interesting to follow Samsung’s mishaps and the torrent of extremely detailed leaks over the past few years… to some point, but the time has come to (almost) the right time for us to experience these beasts in person.

According to leakers (and AT&T), online pre-orders will begin on February 1st With actual sales in stores and delivery expected on February 17 i.e. two weeks away from Friday.


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