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Galaxy S23 will be totally incredible, if I accept a few minor niggles

Galaxy S23 will be totally incredible

In the weeks leading up to the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked 2023, I experience various stages of resentment at the launch of smartphones. First, I’m in denial, followed by anger at the fact at the fact that the new Samsung Galaxy S23 may look very similar to the previous one from last year’s Galaxy S22 (Ultra at least).

It’s then acceptance that Samsung did not make any changes to the design and feel of its phone which means it’s likely to have spent more time in refining the features inside. In that light I’ve listed six reasons why I believe it’s likely that the Galaxy S23 is going to be awe-inspiring, as well as some reasons why it’s likely be a disaster.

The Galaxy S23 looks like the Galaxy S22 Ultra and it’s an amazing design phone. I’m not sure how Samsung can improve its design style further without radically altering the design. There aren’t any random edges, or unbalanced borders. The phone has been thoughtfully and perfectly machined, fulfilling the design goals of Samsung.

Although it was true that the Galaxy S22 looked like a cheap version of its top model , the Galaxy S23 will proudly proclaim its superior quality tradition. In truth, even Samsung budget phones such as Galaxy A13 Galaxy A13 are a part of Samsung’s top-end models and that’s a good thing. A low-cost BMW is still a BMW.

Galaxy S23 will be totally incredible

It’s generally true phones that look similar to the model from last year but has some improvements inside the phone. Before the iPhone 7, Apple launched the ‘S’ version its iPhone with a tick-tock bi-annual manner in addition to the iPhone 6S was a reliable upgrade of earlier models like the iPhone 6.

What are we likely to find improved on the inside? Apart from the new hardware, Samsung has had time to improve and refine the interface. The company has had the chance to calibrate its cameras and improve the power management. We can expect improvements across the board, of battery endurance to stability. I’d like to see enhancements on this One UI interface that make it more reminiscent of an updated, Android 13-based system.

When I was told that each Galaxy S23 would use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 I was ecstatic. The phone last year came with mixed reviews of Snapdragon and subpar Samsung Exynos chips, some users felt they received an inferior version. This year, we’re seeing Snapdragon across the globe and it’s even better.

It appears the Qualcomm have agreed to increase the speed of to speed up the Gen 2 platform for Samsung’s new flagship device, which gives it a’made for Samsung type of branding. This means that when competitors launch using the identical Snapdragon device, it could not be as efficient than Samsung’s flagship. This could result in Samsung just a few points behind Apple in performance benchmarks for the very first time.

Apart from aside from the Qualcomm chipset Samsung provides its standard models with a higher resolution over the competition. Samsung Galaxy S23 displays are superior to the competition. Samsung Galaxy S23 display is predicted to refresh at 120Hz which is not the case with other models like the iPhone 14 and Pixel 7. Pixel 7 and the iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro are able to handle the higher refresh rate, however, the less expensive models are absent except if you purchase an Samsung.

By Helen E. Blake

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